What is a Schoolwide Program?

ESEA Title Programs Use of Funds:
Consolidated School Wide Budget
March 19, 2013
March 20, 2013
GayeLeia King, Supervisory Education Specialist
Johnnita Tsabetsaye, ARRA Projects Specialist
Marie S. Sandoval, ARRA Projects Specialist
» Explain the impact of a Title I Schoolwide Program on a
school’s operation and the process for developing a
schoolwide consolidated budget that supports:
˃ Continuous School Improvement;
˃ Accountability of progress for improved student
outcomes so more students are proficient and
advanced in reading/language arts and math;
˃ Ongoing and transparent activities involving the various
stakeholders; and
˃ Alignment of resources (time, personnel, funding)
according to student needs through identified
continuous school improvement activities.
» Purpose:
˃ Implement comprehensive reform strategies designed to upgrade the
entire educational program in a school
» Goal:
˃ Ensures that ALL students – particularly those who are low-achieving –
meet and exceed levels of academic achievement on academic standards.
» Allows schools to consolidate and use funds with other Federal,
State, and local funds in order to upgrade the entire education
program. Schools:
˃ Must identify all federal program funding streams that are consolidated,
Title, I, II, IV, VI VII, X , SIG funds, (Sec. 1114 Item 8 in Native Star). May also
include ISEP, FACE, Enhancement funds.
˃ Must describe how the intent and purposes of each of the programs will be
met, (Sec. 1114 Item 9 in NS).
˃ Must maintain records that demonstrate the SW Plan addresses the intent
and purposes of each of the Federal programs. (Sec. 1114 Item 9 in NS).
» Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment;
» Identify priorities and commit to specific,
measureable goals and effective strategies that
address those needs;
» Develop and implement a comprehensive plan that
addresses the 10 components of a Title I Schoolwide
program; and
» Conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of
the Schoolwide program and revise the plan as
Assess &
» Annual Update of SMART Goals & Section 1114 – Schoolwide
» School Improvement Plans for schools in SI, CA or Restructuring
» Native Star Indicators – Benchmark reports: 9/15/12, 12/15/12
& 5/15/13
» Consolidated Schoolwide Budgets for all BIE funding sources:
ESEA Title programs, Enhancement & FACE programs
˃ Budget template found on www.bie.edu website under the “Program” tab, click
Supplemental Programs (Titles) and click on the link “ “School-wide Budget
Workbook Template”
˃ For SY 2012-13, use any format that can be saved as PDF and upload into the
Native Star File Cabinet.
» DUE no later than Friday, March 22, 2013 for SY 2012-13
Comprehensive Needs Assessment
Schoolwide Reform Strategies
Instruction by Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT)
High Quality and On-Going Professional Development (required
set aside of Title IA allocation – 5% for AYP schools & 10% for SI, CA, R schools)
5. Recruitment and Retention Strategies of HQT
6. Increased Parental Involvement (1% set aside of Title IA allocation)
7. Transition Plan – Pre-school to Elementary to Middle School to
High School
8. Collecting, Interpreting, Using Data
9. Extended Learning Time
10. Coordination and Integration of Programs & Resources (.5%
recommended set aside of TIA allocation for McKinney-Vento)
» Adult Needs
Leading to Budget
 Budget Mgrs./
Business Techs.
 Superintendent/
 School Board
 Tribal Council
» Student Needs
Leading to Program
 Leadership Teams
 Instructional Teams
 Family & Community
 School Board
 Tribal Council
» ISEP funds:
Basic instructional program funds
SPED – 15% of ISEP program funds
LEP/ELL program funding
Gifted and Talented program funds
Intense Residential program funds
» Other Enhancement funds:
˃ FOCUS funds
˃ Reads funds
˃ Math Counts funds
» Title ESEA formula program funds have been distributed
to schools:
Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Programs Operated by Schools
Title II, Part A – Highly Qualified Teachers & Principals
Title VI, Part B – Rural Education Initiative
Title VII, Part A – Indian Education (must apply with ED)
» Discretionary (competitive) program funds are being
awarded to selected schools:
˃ Title IV, B – 21st Century Community Learning Centers
˃ Title X, C – McKinney-Vento Homeless Education
˃ Title I-1003(a) or 1003(g) - SIG
» After you have conducted your comprehensive needs assessment,
prioritized your identified needs , developed your SMART Goals,
and planned your strategies to implement the Schoolwide Plan as
well as the designated School Improvement Plan (SI, CA, or
Restructuring), your Team is now ready to develop your budget.
» Download the “School-wide Budget Workbook Template” which is
found on www.bie.edu website under the “Program” tab, click
Supplemental Programs (Titles) and click on the link “ “School-wide
Budget Workbook Template” and begin aligning your fiscal
resources to your identified needs, SMART Goals and strategies
» Submit estimated budget in file cabinet within the Native Star tool.
Title I Schoolwide: Budgeting for Staff (Allowable Salary/Benefits)
Schools operating a Title I Schoolwide program can use consolidated funds to finance salaries and
benefits for all staff who are involved in improving the academic achievement of the school
Core Content/Grade Level Teacher
Title I Teacher
Before/after school Teacher
Summer School Teacher
Intersession Teacher
English Language Learner Teacher
Reading Specialists
Math Interventionist
Preschool Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Substitute Teachers
Direct Instruction:
Yes, must be highly qualified.
Yes, for academic assistance and intervention,
not homework help
Yes, core content teachers
Yes, core content teachers
Yes, if the sub is replacing the teacher during
the regular day instrucitonal schedule if the
absence is related to academic planning
Instructional Support:
Yes, only for teachers attending and
Substitute Teachers
participating in professional development
Data Coordinator
Homeless Liaison
Parent Coordinator
School Counselor
School Social Worker
Dropout Prevention Coordinator
Federal Program Coordinator
School Improvement Coordinator
Attendance Personnel
Librarains/Media Center
Mentor Teacher
Instructional Coach
Professional Services
Yes, school must provided a detailed and
itemized list of services that the consultant will
provide to support the Title I Schoolwide Plan.
Cost for Registratio for Professional
Yes. Professional development, conferences,
and trainings must relate to the Title I
» 15% of Title I funds may be carried over each
year (SY12-13 funds into SY13-14)
» Waiver request to exceed 15% of carry over
may be submitted for approval every 3rd year
(SY15-16 funds into SY16-17)
» GayeLeia King, Supervisory Education Specialist
˃ [email protected]
» Johnnita Tsabetsaye, ARRA Projects Specialist
˃ [email protected]
» Marie S. Sandoval, ARRA Projects Specialist
˃ [email protected]

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