Our Purpose

Walgreens Career Opportunities
Chad Ullom Rph.
District Pharmacy Supervisor
• Company Overview
• New Initiatives
Our Purpose and Mission
Our Purpose
To help people get, stay and live well.
Our Mission
In communities across America, be the trusted advisor and convenient
multichannel provider of innovative pharmacy, health and wellness solutions,
consumer goods and services. A destination where health and happiness come
together to help people get well, stay well and live well.
Walgreens Company Overview
What We Do
• 111 year history
• More than 8,110 drugstores
in all 50 states, the District of
Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam
and the U.S. Virgin Islands
• 6.3 million customers
serviced everyday
• 821 million prescriptions
filled in 2013
A History of Innovation
Our Commitment to Diversity
• We will treat each other with respect
and dignity and do the same for all we
• We will offer employees of all
backgrounds a place to build careers.
• We will provide the most convenient
access to healthcare services and
consumer goods in America.
• We will earn the trust of our customers
and build shareholder value.
 Our commitment to equal access and community is deep-rooted. Charles
R. Walgreen insisted that all pharmacists, regardless of race, receive the same
pay, despite industry and cultural standards of the day.
Our Stores
An average Walgreens store:
•14,500 square feet
•20,000 consumable items
•25 to 30 team members
•$9 million in annual sales
Well Experience
•Centered on the idea of
“well” – fresh food, beauty
and personal care,
expanded pharmacy role
in healthcare
•12 stores across U.S.
•Complements the
community, with a great
assortment of products –
many customized
Advancing the Community Pharmacy
New Channels and Markets
New Initiatives
Pharmacy, Health and Wellness Solutions
Community Pharmacy
Healthcare Clinics SM
Specialty Pharmacy
Outpatient Pharmacies
Well Transitions
Infusion Services
Mail Pharmacy
Workplace Health Centers
Establishing a Global Platform
•August 2012 initial investment
was complete
•August 2014 step 2 of Alliance
Boots was completed
•Creates the first global
pharmacy-led, health and
wellbeing enterprise
• Also, long-term strategic
relationship with
AmerisourceBergen to
become primary supplier of
brand and generic
pharmaceutical products
Establishing a Global Platform
Together with Alliance Boots and AmerisourceBergen, we will have:
• 11,000 drugstores
• 370 wholesale distribution centers
• a presence in 25 countries
• an unmatched global pharmaceutical supply chain (including associates and joint
Leaders in Sustainability
We are currently the number one retailer in the country in
terms of number of solar installations with 133. Each
location generates approximately 15-20% of the energy
needed for the store. Collectively, It is enough energy to
power 3800 single family homes for a year.
Walgreens has
established a
department dedicated
to sustainability for
the entire company.
We are testing a wind turbine for
store use at our Waxahachie
Distribution Center.
We were the first
chain retailer to
install a geothermal
energy system in
our Oak Park store.
It reduces our
energy usage for
heating and cooling
by 46%.
Last year Walgreens recycled 69,000,000
pounds of cardboard and 1,200,000
pounds of shrink-wrap.
EV Charging Stations and LEED Stores
LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
•Walgreens offers electric
vehicle (EV) charging
stations at approximately
400 locations across the
country making it of the
nation's largest retail host
We were the first drugstore to
receive LEED certification with our
store in Mira Mesa, CA. We
achieved a gold level of
certification in 2009.
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