Enlightenment Thinkers By: Rachel Harrah

Montesquieu was born on January
19th, 1689 near Bordeaux.(Bok)
His family was noble and
In 1755, Montesquieu died of a fever in
His full name was Charles Louis de
Secondat, Baron of la Brède and of
* He went to school
at the Oratorian
Collège de Juilly,
got a law degree
from the University
of Bordeaux in
1708, and travelled
to Paris to continue
his legal
“The Spirit of Laws” was a major influence on
the political theory. It described the idea of
separation of powers in the
Another great political literary work by
Montesquieu is “Considerations on the Causes of
the Greatness of the Romans and Their Decline”
which described past governments that
influence ours today. (Lowenthal)
“The Persian Letters” was one of his
philosophical literary works.(Pangle)
Montesquieu believed in the separation of
powers in government. He also believed in
having a separated government rather
than a monarchy, or absolute power.
Having a separated government would
allow for more communication over issues,
and for each branch to keep each other in
“Abandoning the classical divisions of his
predecessors into monarchy, aristocracy,
and democracy, Montesquieu produced his
own analysis and assigned to each form of
government an animating principle: the
republic, based on virtue; the monarchy,
based on honour; and despotism, based on
fear.” (Shackleton)
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