RMPs /PMPs - Informal Providers Group

Rural Medical Practitioners
( RMPs /PMPs)
Health Care Delivery System
Andhra Pradesh
Rural Medical Practitioners
 Worked under qualified medical doctors
 Education qualification low
 Gained experience in treating various illness
 Now working on their own
 Around 90,000 all over the State
 Serving people in underserved areas
Rural Medical Practitioners
 Mainstreaming through a process of ‘Training, Examination and
Certification’by AP Para Medical Board
 Be called ‘Community Paramedics’
 Restriction
 Not to call themselves as “Doctors” and
 Not to ‘Prescribe / Dispense any Scheduled drugs’ other than
Over The Counter (OTC) drugs
Role of Community Paramedics
after certification
 Act as first responder and provide ‘First- aid,
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), arrest
bleeding, positioning and mobilize qualified
 Manage ‘acute minor ailments’ within the ambit
of protocols and training status
 Identify
and refer to qualified practitioner for
chronic diseases
 ‘Follow-up the treatment’ as prescribed by
the qualified practitioner
Role of Community Paramedics
after certification
 Provide ‘Home care’ for chronically ill, disabled,
HIV positives, elderly and infirm under the advise of
a qualified practitioner
 Assist in ‘National Health Programmes’
 Create awareness and participate in 104 - mobile
services (FDHS) in respective villages
 Report unusual health occurrences
 Record cases and report monthly to DM & HO
 RMPs shall undergo a Certificate Course of ‘Community
Paramedic' for 1000 Hrs over a period of 1 year in their respective
 Theory (180 Hrs)
 Primary treatment and management of common ailments
 Emergency event management
 Pharmacy - Dispensing OTC and other drugs commonly prescribed
by qualified medical practitioners
Indications, usage /doses, reactions, side effects and mode of
dos and donts in administration.
 Clinical Training (360 Hrs)
 History taking, assessment of patient for referral to hospital
 Skills of routine care, demonstration of signs and symptoms
 Advanced medical skills for supporting a doctor
 Disability limitation skills
 Emergency event management and first aid
 Field Training (100 Hrs)
 Fixed Day Health Services in villages
 Distant Learning in Public Health (360 Hrs)
 104 Help Line Advise and study material
 Must have assisted a qualified Medical Practitioner in health
delivery for 3 years or more
(to be certified by the concerned Doctor)
 Must be working independently in health delivery activities for 5
years or more
(to be certified by Registered association of RMPs)
 Must be physically fit and mentally sound
(to be certified by a qualified Doctor)
After examination, all successful candidates will be awarded
certificates as “Community Paramedics” and registered by AP Para
Medical Board
Plan for training
 Theory(180 Hrs)
PHCs/ Govt. Hospitals/ Recognised Para Medical Institutions
where faculty, infrastructure available
 Clinical(360 Hrs)
Government or Private nursing home (minimum 10 bed
capacity) where IP care is available with qualified clinicians to
 Field Training(100 Hrs)
Fixed Day Health Services (FDHS) in villages
 Distant Education(360 Hrs)
104 help line advise, reading material,etc

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