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SNC Dining Services
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here Meal Plan
Why a Mandatory Meal Plan?
Imagine the alternative…Yikes!
Platinum Meal Plan
for students in a traditional residence hall
-Unlimited Dine-In Access to Ruth’s Marketplace
-10 passes for guests or for meals to go
-$400 meal dollars
Successful weight management tip!
Make a plan before you enter the Marketplace
online menus, mobile site or kiosk
Platinum Meal Plan includes 10 passes
Treat a guest with your 10 passes
Meal Dollars
already attached to your meal plan
-Use in any on campus food venue
-Use it by end of each semester
-Phil’s Grill and C-store, Ed’s Coffee Shop, Dale’s
Sports Lounge, Vending, Special Meals through the
Box Office, additional to go or guest passes for
Phil’s Grill & C-Store and Ed’s Cafe
When to use your meal plan
-3 proper weekday meal times
-Breakfast: 7:10-9:15am
-Continental BRK: 9:15am-10:30am
-Lunch: 10:30am-1:30pm
-Snack: 1:30pm-4:30pm
-Dinner: 4:30pm-close
Freshman move in day: Thursday, August 21st
Weekend brunch and Sunday dinner too!
Customized Needs?
Matt Jackson at Campus Card
-adjustments can be made with proven need
-accommodate significant scheduling conflicts
Dietary Accommodations:
-see me! Melissa DaPra (back of Ruth’s MP)
-allergies, intolerances, medical Rx therapeutic diets
Custom Cash
-optional declining balance program
-all on campus food + non-food+ Merchants on-line
-not attached to meal plan, but on your ID card to!
-rolls over and refundable at graduation
***the only payment accepted for on-campus laundry
-meal dollars are always used first in food venues
where both payments are accepted
Thank you.

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