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Pasadena ISD
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If Librarians are organized... in piles, Post-Its, and by the "I know exactly
where it is" method
And Libraries are organized... 123s and ABCs
Then, Library web pages should be organized too!
Early Explorers of LibGuides PISD
Several High Schools went
together and purchased
subscriptions for the campus
library to use when our district
web application changed and
was no longer meeting their
• Examples:
– Pasadena Memorial HS
– J. Frank Dobie HS
– Pasadena HS
• Pasadena Memorial High School
Virtual Library
by Jennifer Brabston, Kelly Wadyko
• J Frank Dobie High School Library
by Dendy Farrar, Nancy Schwab
• Pasadena High School Library
by Elaine Baker, Emily Dabney
Pasadena Memorial
High School Virtual
by Jennifer Brabston,
Kelly Wadyko - Last
Updated Jan 6, 2015
See Mrs. Brabston or Mrs.
Wadyko for the current
userIDs and passwords.
4,792 views this year
Added Class Pages a Guide for EVERY teacher
Publish when needed; Unpublish
when not needed
No need to REcreate every year just edit any changes
Teachers Only
Purchased LibCal (calendar)
• Use for the library schedule
• Teachers may view schedule and
request/reserve time in the library
by clicking on the time that works
best for them
J Frank Dobie High
School Library
by Dendy Farrar, Nancy
Schwab - Last Updated
Jan 15, 2015
7,358 views this year
Dobie HS - Student Resources Page
Information for students:
• Finding Articles in a database - video and handout
• Accessing Your Files from Home - Portal info
• Name That Book Reading List
Those That Dove Right In
Most campus libraries had some
type of existing web page. When
we moved to LibGuides they
copied the HTML code and were
done. Others saw it as an
opportunity to be creative and
informative .
• Frazier Elementary Library by
Christine Roberts
• Southmore Intermediate Library
by Laura Rahman
• South Belt Elementary Library
Home by Allison Sutton
Frazier Elementary
by Christine Roberts Last Updated Dec 6,
295 views this year
Keeping it simple and sweet
Custom Header Imported
Copied Pages
Elementary NTB
Reading List
Texas Bluebonnent
Intermediate Library
by Laura Rahman - Last
Updated Jan 23, 2015
1,277 views this year
Embedded Symbaloo
Created Symbaloo mix of sites and copied the embed code into a
LibGuide Multimedia: Embedded Media & Widgets box
South Belt
Elementary Library
by Allison Sutton - Last
Updated Nov 19, 2014
372 views this year
Link to LibraryTrac Calendar
Teachers are able to see the library schedule. They email the librarian to
request time in the library.
System Content Box
Links to Guides within your system
Most Popular Guides - updates automatically
Welcome to Jackson Library by Jennifer Ward
J Frank Dobie High School Library by Dendy Farrar
Pasadena Memorial High School Virtual Libraryby
Jennifer Brabston
Panther Library Home by Norma Garcia
Libraries & Instructional Materials by Melissa Rippy
Welcome to Lomax Library! by Terrie Hinojosa
Bailey Library by Robert Billman
Proclamation 2015 by Christy Foster
San Jacinto Intermediate School Library by Kelly Lucot
South Houston Intermediate Library by Pamela King
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*Most reports may be exported to MS Excel
How is LibGuides Different?
Various features set LibGuides apart from your typical website…
Fantastic Features!
• Pages:
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• Search function
• Profile box
• Community
Fuzzy Features!
Easy for beginners
Limiting in design
Easy for beginners
Lengths can be an issue
Links & Documents Link checker
Needs specials box or page
Comments enabled
Share info with users
NEW! LibGuides 2
• More flexibility and additional navigation options
• FREE upgrade!
• Centralization and organization for images
Personal and shared
Easier to find controls & tools
• Can enable "Submit for Review" button
• Column-spanning boxes w/up to 4 columns
• Navigation on the left available
• Compatibility across devices
• Boxes no longer tied to content
Can mix & match content within boxes
Standard, Tabbed, Gallery, Profile

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