Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM)

Wilkes County Schools
Credit by Demonstrated Mastery offers NC
students the opportunity to earn course
credit through a demonstration of mastery of
course material without the seat time,
beginning by the end of the 2014-2015
school year for course placement in 20152016
Your student may challenge a class that
he/she feels they have a mastery of without
actually taking the class
CTE work-based learning courses (co-op,
internships, apprenticeship)
CTE courses that have a clinical setting as a
requirement of the course, such as ProStart Early
Childhood Education I/II and Nursing
CTE Advanced Studies courses
ELL courses
Healthful Living required courses
AP/IB courses
CDM can be offered for classes taught in the LEA
but may not be at a specific school
Open to all students
Only standard-level courses
Phase 1: A standard exam (EOC or final exam)
Phase 2: An artifact which requires the
student to apply knowledge and skills
relevant to the content standards
Phase 3: An interview with the review panel to
discuss the artifact
CDM courses will not earn grades or quality
points towards GPA
Students may complete high school graduation
requirements early
Maintaining eligibility in high school athletics
Honors classes cannot be considered for CDM
CDM classes would not be used in the initialeligibility process for NCAA athletics
Community Colleges will review classes on a
case-by-case decision regarding credit but CTE
courses will not be eligible for articulated credit
Only students who have submitted
applications by the deadline will be scheduled
for testing
Exams will be administered during the normal
school day
Modifications based on IEP/504 will be
Re-testing is not permitted
EOC Courses
 Math 1 >264
 Biology > 261
 English II >165
CTE Courses
 Scale score of 93 or higher
Non-EOC courses
 Scale score of 94 or higher
Receive credit for the course toward
graduation requirements
Credit is given on the transcript as a “pass”
No number or letter grade for the course is
given and does not calculate toward a GPA
Enroll in and complete the course
Receive a passing grade and re-take the EOC
No record of the unsuccessful attempt will be
reported on the transcripts
Application Deadline: December 9
Testing Window: February 16-27 (nonnegotiable)
Results are reported to students by March 6
Artifact Assignments Distributed: March 16
Artifacts Due to Department Chair: March 30
Phase 2-3 Reviews: Completed by April 2
Results: No later than April 13
Appeals: 10 days from the time the parent
receives results
No, another testing window will be available
in the last two weeks of July for the fall
semester and the last two week of September
for spring semester
Students and their parents should submit
appeals within ten days of receiving notification
that an attempt for CDM was not successful
Appeals should be in writing addressed to the
school principal. The appeal should include
reasoning for appeal and the date of
The District CDM Review Panel will review the
appeal within ten days of receipt and will collect
any additional data requested and provide final
recommendations within ten days of their
The decisions of the appeals panel are final
Contact Wilkes Central High School or Dr.
Donna Cotton or Angie Lamb at Wilkes
County Board of Education

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