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Coaching Introductions
New for 2014
Team Pages On Line
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Winter Season
Wells Fargo Arena
Practices/ Games
Summer Season
Philly Indoor Championships
Mini Camp
• Players and parents will be able to:
– View recorded games anywhere there is a
internet hook-up.
• Home Computer
• Smart Phone
– Create Highlight films.
– View Coaches comments about previous games to
better prepare for upcoming practices and
• Head Coach 5/6 Grade: Kevin Preston
– Assistant Coach: 5/6 Grade
• Anthony Dzienkiwicz
• Head Coach 7th Grade: Nick Farrar
– Assistant Coach 7th Grade
• Connor Yatuaro
• Head Coach 8th Grade: Nick Schmidt
– Assistant Coach: 8th Grade
• Zach Zenda
Team Pages On Line
• LE SOUTH Link – Home Page
Middle School Teams
• Directions
• Links To Waivers
• Tournament Line Up
• Tournament Links
• Hotel Information
Register On Line
• Deposit – Past Due (email)
• Final Payment Due March 1st
• Alternate Payment Plan
• Go Into Your Account
• Registrations
• Amount Due
Because we are now paying our costs for summer we cannot
offer refunds. Now you can protect your Program investment
at a very affordable cost. Link is available on the Leading Edge
Website ($71)
What happens to a program participant if:
• A parent loses his or her job
• Player gets injured before or during the summer season.
• Link to insurance site from team pages
Wells Fargo Arena
• 5/6 grade and 7th Grade teams are playing in the
Wells Fargo Arena on Sunday Feb 2nd as part of an
NXT Events relationship.
Philly Indoor Championships
• Youth Teams are currently Training in the
GoodSports USA Box League
– Games Played on February 9th
• 5th/6th Grade team: Games 8am-2pm
• 7th/8th Grade team: Games 2pm-8pm
• Mini Camp is a great way for us to kick off the
summer program.
– Saturday Mini-Camp will be to refine individual and
position specific skills
– Sunday Mini-Camp will emphasize team play. Coaches
will start to install Team Offense/Team Defense,
Clear/Ride, EMO and MDD, etc.
– 2014 Mini Camp will take place on June 7 & 8 at
Orchard Park, Wall.
• Saturday June 7th, 9am-2pm
• Sunday June 8th, 9am-12pm
• Practices
– 6:00pm – 8:00pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
– Practice field will be Orchard Park, Wall.
• If there are conflicts with our practice dates at the field the
alternate locations for practice will be at Good Sports USA or
the 18th Avenue Fields, Wall Twp.
• We do not anticipate any conflicts, but you never know!
• Practice Dates June – 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26
• Practice Dates July – 1, 3 (5/6 team only), 8, 10,
15, 17
A genuine interest in all the players, and a desire to make the team
experience worthwhile
More than a basic knowledge of the game
Will discipline a player when appropriate (talks back to official, coach,
teammate etc…)
Form a rapport with the players
Will identify areas of improvement for each player and communicate
that information to the player
Commitment to develop a team first attitude
A sense of humor!
• Parents are encouraged to cheer for the team and your
sons, and discouraged from coaching from the
– Instructions to your son or corrections to the officials from
the sideline are counter productive and confuses the
players on the field.
• Please respect the coaches/officials and the job they
– Negative comments or language towards game officials is
strongly discouraged.
• Coaches will do their best to provide equal playing time for the regular
tournament games to the players that attend practice sessions and are solid
team players.
– There are circumstances throughout each game that can limit a coaches’ ability to provide
equal playing time. Please know the coaches do their best to manage the playing time.
• This is a competitive program and once each team enters the playoff
portion of a tournament, the coach is no longer bound to provide equal
playing time during the playoff games of a tournament.
– If your son has a question about his playing time, please have the player
address the coaches at an appropriate time.
• The middle of a game is NOT an appropriate time. If the player is still unclear you can
approach the coach and RATIONALLY discuss your concerns.
• ALL of our coaches have a tremendous amount of experience. You may not always
agree with them, but providing unequal playing time is never done on purpose!
• If your son cannot make a practice we expect the PLAYER to call the coach
and explain his absence. Rosters will be provided with coaches contact
• June 21 – 22 – Summer Slam – Philadelphia, PA
– One Night Stay (June 21), or close enough to drive
• June 28 – June 29 – Trilogy Masters – Rider
• July 5 – Battle of the Bay – Annapolis, MD
• July 12 – 13 – NXT CUP – Philadelphia, PA
• July 18 – 20 – Long Island Classic – Long Island, NY
• June 14–15 First State Shootout – Newark, DE
• June 21 – 22 – Summer Slam – Philadelphia, PA
• June 28 – June 29 – Trilogy Master’s – Rider University
• July 5 – 6 OPEN DATE
• July 12 – 13 – NXT CUP – Philadelphia, PA
• July 18 – 20 – LONG ISLAND CLASSIC – Long Island, NY
• Hotels will be arranged through WST Hotels.
• Group bookings for all teams at various levels of
– Will enable you to book rooms for the tournaments at
a price you are comfortable with
• Teams are recommended, but not required to
stay at the hotels will block out.
– Staying at the hotels will add to the enjoyment and
experience of the boys spending time together.
Uniforms –
• Design Team
• Nick Schmidt and Patti Hollingsworth
• If your son is not here you can go to the Raritan store to get fitted by Feb 28th.
Optional Apparel/Equipment
• Link on Leading Edge South Team Pages
• Team Stores will open IMMEDIATELY and remain open until Feb 28th
• ALL orders must be placed by Feb 28th
• DELIVERED one month after the closing of the online store.
• Equipment such as Helmets & Decals will be delivered at Mini Camp regardless
of order date.
• When ordering a helmet from the online store use coupon code: LESOUTH
to get discounted price.

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