Presentation on course selection options for high school

VISD High School
Parent Night
Course Selection
Students will receive:
Course Selection Guide
Selection Sheet
AP Potential
English II & III Classes:
• Day I: Presentation of Information
• Day II-VI: Individual guidance/selection
• Verification sheets mailed home
• Return changes
Schedule Changes
• Procedures for Schedule Changes
All students are given the opportunity to select their courses for the next
school year during the pre-registration process. The master schedule is
then designed to accommodate the students’ requests. Schedule changes
can result in overcrowding of classes, which reduces teacher availability for
addressing individual student needs.
Schedule changes will be made for the following reasons:
• Course for graduation is not scheduled
• Already have credit for a course
• School error
Schedule Changes
Level Changes:
Before any level schedule changes (i.e. a Pre-AP/AP course to a regular course) are
considered, the following interventions and/or strategies are required:
Schedule parent-teacher conference
Attend class daily
Complete missing assignments
Attend tutorials before and/or after school
The grades earned at the previous level of the course will transfer with the student
to the new course. Failure to complete required summer assignments will not be
considered for a schedule change.
Foundation High School Program
Eligible for general admission to institutions of higher education
Foundation Curriculum + Endorsement = 26 credits
English Language Arts (4 credits)
• English I*
• English II*
• English III
• Advanced English Course
Physical Education
• One credit
Mathematics (3 credits + 1 endorsement math credit)
• Algebra I*
• Geometry
• Advanced Mathematics Course
• Math Endorsement Course
Languages Other Than English
• Two credits in the same language
• Computer Science I & II
Science (3 credits + 1 endorsement science credit)
• Biology*
• IPC or Advanced Science Course
• Advanced Science Course
• Science Endorsement Course
Fine Arts
• One credit
Social Studies (3 credits)
• World Geography or World History
• U.S. History*
• U.S. Government (1/2 credit)
• Economics (1/2 credit)
• ½ credit
*Course has a required EOC assessment
½ credit
• 4 credits + 2 endorsement elective credits
(Page 2 of the Graduation Toolkit)
Additionally, a student may earn the Distinguished Level of Achievement and/or a Performance
Acknowledgment for outstanding performance. The Distinguished Level of Achievement must be
earned to be admitted to a Texas public university under the Top 10 percent automatic admission
Distinguished Level of Achievement
Performance Acknowledgments
• Foundation Program requirements
• dual credit courses
• 4 credits in math including Algebra II
• bilingualism and biliteracy
• 4 credits in science
• PSAT, ACT’s Plan, SAT or ACT
• at least one endorsement
• Advanced Placement
• earning a nationally or internationally
recognized business or industry certification or
Endorsement Offerings
(Page 5 of the Graduation Toolkit)
Page 10 of the Course Guide
Career and Technical Education
• Engineering
• Oil and Gas Production
• Health and Medical
• Auto Technology
• Law Enforcement
• Collision Repair
• Fire Fighting
• Agriculture Science
• Information Technology
• Career Preparation
• Instrumentation and
• Construction Technology
• Process Technology
• Cosmetology
• Welding
• Education and Training
• Video Game Programming
• Architectural Design
• Graphic Design
• Business
*Page 58 of the Course Guide
Page 64 of the Course Guide
College and Career Readiness
• Dual Credit offerings-45 courses (page 17 of the course
• Over $3 million in scholarships were awarded to VISD
students in 2013-14
• College Resource Handbook
• Interest Inventories- Career Cruising & My Plan
• College Access and Resource Success Center (CARS) College advisors at East and West High School
College readiness
Pre-AP Courses
English* – 6th, 7th, & 8th grades, English I, English II
Math – 6th, 7th, & 8th grades, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2,
Social Studies – 6th, 7th & 8th grades, World Geography
Science – 6th, 7th & 8th grades, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
* Students enrolled in Pre-AP English classes (8th – 10th grades) will be
required to complete a summer reading assignment.
Advanced Courses
Advanced Academic Skills & TPSP (AP weight)
ACT/SAT Preparation (1/2 credit, Pre-AP weight)
Forensic Science, Animal Science, Anatomy & Physiology,
Engineering Design & Problem Solving (Pre-AP weight)
College readiness
Advanced Placement Courses
English* –English Language & Composition (English 3), English Literature
& Composition (English 4)
Math – Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Computer Science
Social Studies – World History, US History, Government & Politics,
Macroeconomics, Psychology, European History, Human Geography
Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science
Fine Arts – Art History, Music Theory, Studio Art: 2D Design, Studio Art:
3D Design, Studio Art: Drawing
Foreign Language – Spanish Language & Culture
• Students enrolled in AP English classes will be required to complete a summer
reading assignment.
• All students enrolled in AP courses will take the corresponding AP exam.
Why is the PSAT so important?
• PSAT/NMSQT – 11th Grade
• Testing opportunities begin in 8th grade
• AP Potential
• Aligned to the redesigned SAT
• National Merit Scholarship Competition – 11th grade
• Semifinalist & Finalist– many universities offer scholarship packages to
• National Merit Scholars receive National Merit, corporate and university
College Readiness
• SAT Prep classes – offered multiple times throughout the year in the
• SAT & ACT Boot Camps – offered during the school day
• SAT/ACT Prep course – ½ credit, receiving advanced weighting for
SAT/ACT Preparation
January 27, 2015
East HS
Beginning January 26, 2015
West HS
Free online test prep
VISD Proud!

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