Heads Up November 2014 - Health Education Yorkshire and the

“Heads Up” - November 2014
The monthly round-up of news from Yorkshire &
the Humber Leadership Academy
Welcome to the November edition of Heads Up. As you may be aware, this month saw the launch by NHS England of a review of
the National Leadership Academy and NHSIQ, to be led by Ed Smith. I would like to thank those LETB Board members and RLC
members who provided comments. These have been collated into a HEYH response to form part of the HEE response.
I have been surprised by the amount of interest to Chris Bain’s letter inviting expressions of interest to host Yorkshire and the
Humber Leadership Academy. The closing date is 17th November and we will be considering next steps after that. Thank you all, it
is really encouraging to know that the work of the team is so well received.
In the meantime, we are experiencing an extremely busy time across the whole team this Autumn. The National Professional
Development programmes from the Leadership Academy are well and truly underway for their new intakes while the Autumn 2013
intake for the Mary Seacole Programme is coming to a close; and we continue to see a strong uptake for the Frontline Nursing and
Midwifery development programme in the region. Arrangements to celebrate the achievement of our Regional Leadership Award
nominees are well in hand, and we are looking forward to seeing many of you at the celebration event 3rd December.
We closed the recent cohort of the Accelerate programme with a networking lunch 22nd October, described as “best practice in
leadership development” by Professor David Williams. Details will follow of applications for the new cohort this month. The
strategic OD network has been refreshed with plans to meet regularly in future. And we are very pleased to have our work with the
YHAHSN Improvement Academy underway; this started with the establishment of the Community of Practice at two recent
workshops, under guidance from George Por.
As we move forward into the New Year we hope improve our offer further to have a longer term plan of activity so that people can
make more informed choices for accessing our programmes and interventions. As part of our evaluation, we are collecting case
studies and feedback from recent participants to feedback to our stakeholders. We are also gathering data to report back to you
our activity within your organisation and look forward to sharing the results.
Kathryn Winterburn
Head of Leadership & Organisation Development
Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy
Regional News
Strategic OD Network refreshed
A workshop was held on Friday 24th October
facilitated by Mayvin Director James Traeger and
Carolyn Norgate, Mayvin Associate and OD
practitioner at Guys & St Thomas’. James and
Carolyn were part of the NHS Employers DoOD
initiative researching the capacity and skills of
OD practitioners in the NHS “a safe place to stay
The group used this NHS Employers DoOD
tool to consider their own situation before joining
together to produce a map of OD across the
region. The map was used to identify key
principles that will inform the design of future
work. As a result of the workshop a design group
was formed to take forward the work.
Participants also identified the benefits of the
workshop as: an opportunity to share views and
debate key issues; a chance to take stock and
reflect; feeling welcome, less isolated in their
work and re-energised by time spent with
colleagues. For further information or to join the
network, contact Amanda Allen.
Regional News
Community of Practice underway (1/2)
Work has started with Improvement Fellows and
the alumni of Jonkoping Festival attendees.
Facilitated by George Pór who is known
Communities of Practice, workshops have been
held to design the piece and train facilitators.
The work is developing a Co-creation Network, a
constellation of Communities of Practice that are
peer learning communities to align with and
support the collaborative leadership approach.
It also supports the development of productive
working relationships between the Leadership
Academy and Improvement Fellows and will help
realise the full benefits of the investment in the
Jonkoping relationship.
Regional News
organisations across the region are involved.
The network will offer opportunities for
improvement staff, clinical staff, OD and change
staff to build relationships and generate shared
purposes across traditional boundaries.
Community of Practice underway (2/2)
The Communities will increase the capacity and
capability to deliver improvements on the
frontline by generating new knowledge and
mechanism for spreading practices worth
The work is fortunate to have the support of a
group of senior NHS leaders with connections to
the Jonkoping community who have agreed to
convene the network. NHS IQ, NHS Employers,
the Yorkshire & Humber AHSN and Yorkshire &
the Humber Leadership Academy are coming
together to form the strategic Steering Group.
For further information, contact Jane Pightling
or Lucy Scarisbrick.
Regional News
NED Development
Coaching CPD Events
Our work to develop a feedback process for Non
Executive Directors is progressing and we would
value contribution from experienced and new
NEDs as well others who interact with NEDs to
take part in confidential interviews to shape this
work. Contact Amanda Allen for further
1. Mindfulness in Coaching (very limited
spaces left) 10th December : an experiential
workshop to enable participants to understand
the benefits and application of a mindfulness
2. Agile Coaching 18th February: looks at
coaching teams and individuals in virtual
3. Executive Coaching 3rd March: considers
coaching leaders of organisations, offering
networking and support for those practicing or
interested in this area of coaching.
4. Coaching Ethics and Dilemmas 24th March.
Coaching Conference 2nd February
Places are filling up fast! We are keen to hear
from coaches in the region who would like to
present some of their work in small sessions of
around an hour duration. See here for details or
contact Amanda Allen to arrange.
To register your interest for any of the events
above, please contact Amanda Allen.
Regional & National News
Accelerate Programme Feedback
“I have found the course fantastic, taken me out
of my comfort zone… helpful in all areas of my
“Apply, you will be surprised I’m sure about what
you will learn… and how you can apply the
learning in your work and personal life.”
“Anyone who manages people, who doesn’t
understand people, who has little confidence, or
is stuck in their ways should attend.”
New cohort dates for the Accelerate
Programme will be available very soon, contact
Lynsey Nicholson for further information.
Graduate Management Trainee Scheme
applications open
As a Local Delivery Partner for the national
Leadership Academy, we are responsible for
working with stakeholders across the region to
source quality placements for trainees when they
come to work in the area. With applications for
graduates now open, we look to you to help us
with this process.
If your organisation is interested in hosting a
trainee next year, further details will be available
on our website in early December. An informal
open day will be held in early March next year
with further details to come. Contact Lynsey
Nicholson if you have any queries.
Click here for a blog from 2014 Graduate
Scheme participant placed at RDASH, Davide
National Programmes
Regional Leadership Awards 3rd December
We have visited finalists in the Regional
Leadership Recognition Awards across Yorkshire
and the Humber, to film their stories in
preparation for the big day, to be held at the
Marriott Hotel in Leeds.
With preparations well underway and invitations
in the post, we are delighted to announce our
guest host is Olympian Jonathan Edwards, and
that Karen Lynas, Deputy Managing Director of
the NHS Leadership Academy, will attend.
You can view the list of finalists here, or if you
have any queries about the Regional Leadership
Recognition Awards, contact John Hunter or
Lisa Chan.
Ready Now Programme
The NHS Leadership Academy has launched a
new programme aimed at senior leaders from
black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds.
Successful applicants will already have
leadership experience as the programme is
designed for leaders from under-represented
groups that want to become senior leaders in the
health or social care system. The programme will
positively reinforce the view that the NHS should
be more inclusive and representative of the
communities it serves.
Applications are open now until 4th January
2015, see the website here for details or
contact John Hunter or Lisa Chan to discuss.
Dates For Your Diary
November: Inspiring Leaders
Forum launches
17th Nov: Leeds Cohort for
Frontline closes
18th and 19th Nov: Social Media
Workshops (Advanced)
26th Nov: 360 Facilitator Training
27th-28th Nov: “Manager as
Coach” training
2nd Dec: Talent 2020 Workshop
3rd Dec: NHS Regional
Recognition Awards
10th Dec: Mindfulness in
Mid-December: Mary Seacole
Programme (Intake 1) final marks
sent out
16th Dec: 360 Feedback
Facilitators “Train the Trainer”
16th Dec: Team Resilience
22nd Dec: Leeds Cohort for
Frontline Closes
January: Diversity Management
MSc at Bradford University Intake
January: Mary Seacole
Programme (Intake 1)
Graduation Event
13th Jan: Jonkoping
Communities of Practice “Base
Camp” 1
14th Jan: York Cohort for
Frontline closes
21st Jan: Leeds Cohort for
Frontline closes
21st-22nd Jan: “Manager as
Coach” training
28th -29th Jan: Team Resilience
February: Mary Seacole
Programme applications close for
new intake
February: i-Lead Programme
2nd Feb: Health Coaching
9th Feb: Leeds Cohort for
Frontline closes
18th Feb: Agile Coaching
25th-27th Feb: Jonkoping
Microsystems Festival
March: Frontline Programme
March: Team Resilience
3rd Mar: Executive Coaching
18th-19th Mar: Jonkoping
Communities of Practice “Base
Camp” 2
24th Mar: Coaching Ethics and
Spring: Innov8 Alliance Day
May: Mary Seacole Programme
Intake 4 begins
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