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The Duke University
Talent Identification Program
McAllen ISD
Advanced Academics
What is Duke TIP?
self-supporting, non-profit, educational
organization dedicated to the identification and
support of academically gifted students.
 Arm-in-arm with schools and families, Duke TIP
works to identify talented young people and to
provide them with a wide array of fulfilling
educational opportunities from 4th grade through
 Founded in 1980, over 2 million students have
participated in the Duke TIP Talent Searches.
Talent Search Model
Duke TIP offers a 4th/5th Grade Talent Search, as well as
a 7th Grade Talent Search. Duke TIP understands that
gifted students need special motivation and support. As
such, the Talent Searches work to provide:
Above-level testing and appropriate assessment
Access to Duke TIP’s network of educational
programs and resources
Motivation and encouragement for students focused
on academic achievement
7th Grade Talent Search
Participation is Rewarding!
Participation in the 7th Grade Talent Search allows
gifted students to learn more about their academic
abilities and get a head start on college entrance
exams (SAT or ACT).
Participants will have the opportunity to interact with
other academically talented students and to access
an array of opportunities and resources.
Those students who qualify will also be invited to
attend recognition ceremonies and/or Duke TIP’s
renowned educational programs.
Eligibility is an Honor!
Students eligible to participate in the
7th Grade Talent Search include:
Current 7th graders (or 8th graders who
skipped 7th grade during the current year)
Students who scored in the 95th percentile or
higher on a grade-level achievement test or
state criterion-reference test
Students who live or attend school in our 16
state region
Talent Search Regions
7th Grade Talent Search Benefits
Above-Level Testing. Taking the ACT or
SAT as a 7th grader imparts knowledge and
experience that is invaluable. Students will gain
insight into their academic abilities and have the
opportunity to preview the same test they will take
during the college admission process.
Ability to Compare Scores. The Results
Summary allows families a more comprehensive
understanding of scores by comparing students’
performance relative to other 7th graders
throughout the 16-state region and providing
helpful suggestions for educational planning.
7th Grade Talent Search Benefits
Recognition. In addition to receiving a
Certificate of Merit recognizing participation,
students who receive outstanding scores will
be honored.
Educational Opportunity Guide
Online. This searchable online directory
lists quality schools and summer programs
that all Talent Search participants are eligible
to attend.
7th Grade Talent Search Benefits
Helpful Resources. Students receive information on
gifted student educational development and college
planning through their 10th grade year. Duke TIP staff can
provide educational guidance for families at any time.
Duke Gifted Letter. An online newsletter for parents,
DGL provides practical tools, inspiration, answers to
pressing questions and review of educational research.
Access to Educational Programs. Exceptional
scores on the SAT or ACT will earn some students
invitations to Duke TIP’s renowned programs (whether
site-based or online). In some cases, weekend programs
open to all Talent Search participants may be offered in
your area.
Enrollment is Easy
 For
expedited processing, register online at
 Or mail paper application to Duke TIP office
 Talent Search fee (if ACT is chosen): $73
 Talent Search fee (if SAT is chosen): $73
Financial Aid is available
Talent Search Fee Grants offset the cost
of participation for students who qualify
for free or reduced lunch in their school
$2.4 million was awarded in 2009 across
all Duke TIP programs
Scholar Weekend Programs
 Grades
 Weekend-long enrichment courses during the
academic year
 Courses include topics such as: alternative fuels, astronomy,
creative writing, politics and the media, photography, and poetry
 Sites
Duke University – Durham
Appalachian State University – Boone
New College – Sarasota
Texas Christian University – Ft. Worth
University of Kansas – Lawrence
University of Houston – Houston
University of South Carolina – Columbia
University of Georgia – Athens
e-Studies Online Courses
Grades 8-12
Advanced high-school and college-level courses
delivered in a teacher-moderated, internet-based
Highly interactive: students connect with other gifted
students and with their Duke TIP instructor through live
chats, discussion boards, blogs, e-mail
Flexible – students typically do not have to be online at
a particular time to participate
7-week program in summer (10-14 hrs/week)
16-week programs in fall and spring (5-10 hrs/week)
Summer Studies Programs
Grades 7-10
Three-week summer residential programs
Campuses located at Duke University, Davidson
College, Appalachian State University, University
of Kansas, Duke Marine Lab, Texas A&M, Trinity
University, University of Georgia.
*Students must meet qualification criteria
Summer Studies Programs
Fast-paced, rigorous and above-grade-level innovative
Expert instructors with zeal for their subject area
Experiential learning methodology
Environment that promotes academic and social growth
Field Studies & Institutes
Grades 9-12
Two-week program
Domestic & International programs
Academic experience in a unique setting
Creative Writing – Ghost Ranch, New Mexico
War, Children and International Justice – Duke
University and The Hague
Business Leadership – Belize
Archeology and Anthropology – North Carolina and Peru
Independent Learning resources
Grades 4-12
For self-paced, at-home or at-school enrichment
No qualifying criteria
Students work with a local mentor
Families or schools can order online
or by phone
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
The Next Generation Venture Fund –
Goldman Sachs Foundation
Academically talented youth who are economically
disadvantaged and from diverse backgrounds
8th grade through high school
Provides resources and educational planning
Selective colleges and universities
Competitive professional environments
Contact your Middle School Counselor
for 7th Grade for more information.
Calendar of events:
 October 6, 2012 – Duke TIP Applications due in
counselors office – SAT or ACT
 11/7/2012 Campus SAT and ACT Practice
Sessions – Cost is $35 for 10 days and packet
 11/13/2012 or 11/15/2012 SAT or ACT Mock
 12/1/2012 SAT Exam – 5 hours
 12/8/2012 ACT Exam – 5 hours
Duke History Results 2011-2012
In McAllen ISD – 547 students qualified to
participate in the Duke Talent Identification
200 Students took the ACT or SAT Exam
14 Students performed at a level that was at the
National or State level.

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