11th Grade Parent Meeting * ACT Plus Writing and ACT WorkKeys

11th Grade Parent Meeting – ACT
Plus Writing and ACT WorkKeys
Wausau East High School
October 8, 2014
The New Era of Accountability:
School Report Cards
Educator Effectiveness System
Student Learning Objectives (SLO’s)
School Learning Objectives
How will schools be held accountable?
• Student Achievement proficiency in reading and math
on state assessments
• Student growth measured by year-to year
improvements in achievement
• Closing Gaps in performance between specific groups
(comparing English language learners, low-income
students, students with disabilities, and members of a
racial or ethnic group with their peers)
• On-track and Postsecondary Readiness is a
measurement using predictors of high school
graduation and potential post high school success
How will schools be held accountable ?
Schools and districts are also evaluated on their
test participation, chronic absenteeism, and
dropout rates. These are measures of school
engagement. Based on those scores, schools and
districts will be placed into one of five categories,
ranging from Fails to Meet Expectations to
Significantly Exceeds Expectations. School and
District Report Cards are issued annually.
Demonstrating Student Growth and
Narrowing the Achievement Gap
ACT Aspire for 9th Graders (Fall and Spring)
WKCE for 10th Graders (Fall)
ACT Aspire for 10th Graders (Spring)
ACT and ACT WorkKeys for 11th Graders
All 11th graders in the State of Wisconsin will
take the ACT Plus Writing on March 3, 2015
and the ACT WorkKeys on March 4, 2015.
The exam makeup dates are March 17 and 18,
The ACT Plus Writing Exam
The ACT Plus Writing consist of four multiple
choice tests: English, Mathematics, Reading,
and Science; and a 30 minute essay test that
measures student writing skills. This year, it
will be a paper and pencil exam.
Scoring the ACT Plus Writing
ACT scores range from 1 to 36 for each of the
subtests and one overall score called a test
composite. In most situations, scores earned
on the ACT can be used by students for college
enrollment, scholarships, and NCAA eligibility
requirements. Many UW System colleges
require ACT scores for college entrance.
The ACT WorkKeys Exam
The WorkKeys test stresses skills development
important for every type of employment. The
abilities to learn, listen, communicate, work in
teams, and solve problems – all areas
addressed by WorkKeys – are important assets
for any employee. They are also extremely
important in today’s colleges.
Because WorkKeys measures skills valued by
employers, students can use their results to
get a better picture of their chances for
success in the workforce and to improve areas
where their skills are weak. Schools can use
the information to ensure that their courses of
study provide adequate work skills training to
meet the needs of businesses.
WorkKeys will measure the following 8
workplace skills:
Applied Mathematics
Applied Technology
Locating Information
Reading for Information
Sore reports will be available 4-6 weeks after
each assessment is given.
What happens to the test results?
• Students and their counselors are the only ones to receive
individual score reports.
• Students may share their scores with colleges or universities
• Students can use their WorkKeys results to identify jobs for
which they are qualified and to improve areas where their
skills are weak
• Employers may request – with a student’s permission – scores
for recruiting, selection and training.
• Students can earn National Career Readiness Certificates
(NCRC) that are recognized nationally by businesses and
Preparing our Lumberjacks:
• ACT test proctors providing professional
development for our staff – the format of ACT
questions. (January – February)
• Teachers utilizing ACT question formatting on
quizzes and exams (February)
• ACT practice questions in English, Math, Social
Studies (reading), and Science
• All 11th graders attending a learning session
focusing on what to expect on the ACT exams
Practice tests and sample test
• http://www.actstudent.org/sampletest/
• http://www.actstudent.org/writing/sample/
• http://www.act.org/workkeys/assess/sample.

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