Y10 Induction 2014

Year 10 Induction Evening, 2014
This Evening
Expectations / 6th Form Requirements
GCSE Examinations
Controlled Assessment
Attendance & Punctuality
Out of school
GCSE Success
 In 2014, 100% of students achieved at least 5 A*-C grades at GCSE
including English and Maths.
 100% of students achieved A*-C grades in ALL GCSEs taken.
 An astonishing 85% of examinations taken were awarded an A*-A
grade and 99% at A*-B.
 46% of grades were awarded A*.
 6th Form Requirements for 2016 Entry will remain the same as in
previous years; 4 A grades and 2 B grades, including Grade B in
Maths and English Language.
Core Science is examined at the end of Year 10
All other subjects are examined at the end of Year 11.
Controlled Assessment
Controlled Assessment is an element of many subjects at
Level of control varies depending on the stage of the
Controlled Assessment.
ICT Facilities are provided where necessary.
Absences should be avoided.
Malpractice can lead to disqualification.
Timetable is available now; a paper copy has been
handed out tonight.
Year 10 Examinations
Year 10 Exams run from 20th – 27th April, 2015.
Internal exams and students will be provided with a
timetable nearer the time.
Dates for the external Science Exams (Core Science) will
be given later in the year.
Study at GCSE
Study skills
 Important to get into good habits and build on foundation from
earlier years.
Organisation / deadlines
Homework diaries
 Homework timetable.
 Approximately two hours per night.
 Information from teachers about progress
 Year 10 first Report – December 2014.
 Examination results
 Internal examinations in Year 10; mock examinations in
Year 11.
 Problems may include organisation, lack of understanding in a
subject, underachieving in a subject, behaviour issues.
SLG is the new Parent Portal for accessing Reports and
It replaces E-Portal from this academic year.
Target Setting takes place over the next few weeks;
 GCSE Targets based on prior attainment across the past
three years of study
Meetings with Form Tutor / Senior Tutor / Assistant
Senior Tutor
Journal; organisation, homework, behaviour.
Mentoring Programme
Form Tutors.
Subject Teachers.
Senior Tutor (Miss Williams) / Assistant Senior Tutor (Mr
Home / School Partnership.
Enrichment lessons as part of the 10 day cycle.
Extra Curricular Activities.
External Support / Advice;
 Careers Advisor
 Relate/42nd street Counsellor
 Educational Psychologist
Essential to maintain good attendance;
 Below 95% attendance will trigger a letter home;
 Below 85% Persistent Absentee (DfE Guidelines)
 8.40am Start
 Remind your daughters about the need to be punctual to
Out of School
 Extra curricular activities (sports / music / dance/ drama/
computing etc)
 Social life
 Friendship problems
 Mobile phones
 Internet – social media
 Employment
Senior Tutor (Miss Williams) / Assistant Senior Tutor (Mr
Payne) -concerns directed to relevant staff
Mrs Crossley - Pastoral Assistant (attendance,
punctuality, absence)
Educational Welfare Officer
[email protected]
Key Dates
December 2014; Y10 Interim Report
26th March 2015; Y10 Parents’ Evening
20th – 27th April 2015; Year 10 Internal Exams
July 2015; End of Year Report

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