PP Expectations PowerPoint

Making the Personal Project Personal
Understanding Expectations and Creating
Individual Timelines
Learning Intention:
We will be successful when we can create and evaluate a personal
timeline, which includes the end goal and steps the student
must take along the way to meet their end goal.
Success Criteria:
I will be successful when I can
-understand Personal Project expectations
-review important dates
-discuss with peers our end goal
-create a personal timeline to meet end goal
Expectations: Quick Review
 Remember: as an all IB school it is an expectation that ALL
sophomores complete the Personal Project
 Below is a list of some of the basic expectations to be aware of
throughout the year
-Completion of the process journal
-4 evidence checks
-Final report
-Showcase presentation
Process Journal
 It is similar to a dairy, in which you record your experiences
throughout each stage of your project.
 It is important that you keep a written account of all
problems and solutions you experienced through each stage
of the “design cycle.”
 You are expected to have a MINIMUM of 15 journal
What is your end goal?
 At this point, it is important that all students have a clear end
 This means that they know exactly what it is they plan to
exhibit at the showcase on March 19th.
-In 2-3 sentences write down your end goal
-Share your end goal with a peer
-Who is willing to share their end goal with the group?
How are you going to accomplish your
There are required deadlines to ensure you are ready to go on March
19th at the Personal Project Showcase!
The following are the evidence check dates:
Evidence 1) September 19th
Evidence 2) November 14th
Evidence 3) January 16th
Evidence 4) February 20th
You will be expected to submit a written report of your project to
your school supervisor on March 2nd
Time To Get Personal!
 Every student’s project is unique to them; therefore every
individual’s timeline is going to be somewhat different.
 Your personal timeline should include school deadlines as
well as your own goals for accomplishing things.
Meet Brandon
Brandon’s goal is to raise money to support a local independent living
facility for adults with Down Syndrome and other cognitive disabilities.
Brandon plans to organize two bake sales, one at his mother’s work, and another
through an after school group he is involved in. The money he earns from both bake
sales will be donated to the local independent living facility.
After the money is donated, he would like to interview workers and residents at
the facility to collect first-hand information on how the donations impacted the facility.
At the showcase, Brandon plans to create a poster board which exhibits
pictures from both bake sales, as well as comments/feedback he received
from workers and residents about the money that was donated.
Creating Brandon’s Personal Timeline
Date and Description of what I Plan to Accomplish
20th-meet with staff members from mom’s work to discuss bake sale plans
25th-go over details with friends and family who will be assisting
27th- interview works and residents to find out what items they could use at their facility
14th –evidence check 2
25th-formalize list of all the items needed for both bake sales
28th- hold bake sale at mom’s work
29th-deposit all money earned into volunteer account
10th- hold bake sale with youth group
11th-deposit all money earned into volunteer account
16th-evidence check 3
20th-interview workers at independent living facility
27th-interview residents at independent living facility
15th- Print out all pictures from events
20th-evidence check 4
21st- beginning drafting paper
25th- beginning making poster board to display project
2nd-submit paper to supervisor
15th- finalize all touches to poster board for showcase
Creating Your Own Timeline
Use the half sheet provided to begin working on your own
timeline (if you prefer to draw your own timeline in your
journal that is fine too).
The dates that are prefilled are the dates we have set up to help
keep you on track.
Add in your own dates and expectations for yourself and staple
this sheet into your process journal.
This would be a great thing to show your supervisor at your next
meeting with them!

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