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Supporting our students to succeed
Admissions for September
• Transition Activities
• Enrolment & Advisory Service:
Tuesday 26th August to lunchtime
Friday 28th August 2014
• Welcome Day:
Thursday 4th September 2014
Student monitoring
 Student Absence reporting
Email or Text
 Assessment & Target-setting
Student Progress Reviews
• November: Effort and Achievement (E&A) grades;
Parental consultation Thursday 27th November 2014
(by invitation)
• February: A2 & GCSE & Vocational reports;
Parental consultation Thursday 26th February 2015
• March: AS reports;
Parental consultation Thursday 26th March 2015
• May: E&A grades for vocational courses Tuesday 5th
May 2015
Student Progress Reviews cont.
• January: A2 mock exams
Monday 12th – Friday16th January 2015
• February: AS mock exams
Monday 9th – Friday13th February 2015
• July: End of year grades (first year only)
Contact Portal
• Parents will be able to update details,
view student attendance and progress
• Further details will be provided at the
beginning of term
Supporting our students to succeed
• Personal Tutor
• New Parents’ Evening
 Tuesday 30th September 2014
• Newsletter
Looking ahead
• A new start
• The future – Transition to University
and Life
• carpe diem
Bye Laws
What is expected of you?
• To have 100% attendance
• To set and achieve appropriate targets
of performance
• To work hard to fulfill your full potential
• To have a good working relationship with
others in the College community and to
act with consideration to the local
• To display your College lanyard at all
Governor election
• Are you interested in becoming a
Parent Governor?
• Please contact Margaret McGrory
[email protected]
Student Governors are represented by
the President and Vice-President of the
Student Union

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