Pennsylvania Donate Life Hospital Challenge Presentation

2013 Pennsylvania Donate Life
Hospital Challenge
Plan Activities, Register Donors, and Win Gold!!!
Kelly Hoover Thompson – HAP
John Green – Gift of Life Donor Program
Misty Enos – Center for Organ Recovery and Education
Objectives of Campaign
• Hospital Association desire to support AHA initiative
• Support launch of new statewide public awareness campaign to
increase organ donor designations
• Provide hospitals with a standard campaign
• Engage hospitals and their staff with less effort
• Support OPO efforts to target low performing hospitals
Campaign Timeline
April 15
April 24
April 30
May 9
May – Aug.
June 15 July 23 August 31
Sept. 10
Fall 2013
Letter sent from HAP announcing hospital challenge
Informational conference call to discuss challenge
Hospitals register to participate in challenge
Challenge launch in Harrisburg
Challenge runs
Learning call
Learning call
Challenge ends
Scorecards due to HAP
Winners announced at fall HAP event
DLPA and HAP Kick-Off
The reason to participate
By the Numbers
117,000: Approximate number of people on the national organ
transplant waiting list
8,366: Number of people in Pennsylvania who are on the national
organ transplant waiting list
18: Average number of people on the waiting list who will die today
78: Average number of people on the waiting list who will receive a
life-saving organ transplant today
8: Number of lives one organ donor could save
50: Number of lives one organ donor could improve
Recruitment and Execution
• Collaborative effort between HAP and OPOs
• Collaborative effort between OPO Hospital Development and
Community Relations Departments
• 40 hospitals and health systems participating in challenge
• Established hospital-based committees
• Committee composition
• Pitching the challenge
• Distributing materials
• Develop strategy to ensure success
Materials provided in your
HAP Donate Life Hospital Campaign Guide
Score card
Sample letter from Hospital CEO to staff
Letter from Hospital CEO to another hospital lead
Sample Social Media guide
Public Service Announcements
Sample newsletter article
Statistics fact sheet
This is how you earn points!
# of each
Hospital Employee Communications
Add a campaign goal marker/barometer to your internal website.
Add a link to your OPO/DLA or state registry on your internal website. Post it with a campaign web banner.
Distribute registration forms and donation materials to staff.
Send email from hospital CEO or other leader(s) to staff, announcing the hospital’s campaign participation.
Provide donation stickers, pins, and/or green bracelets to anyone who registers.
15 per department
Send emails from department heads to staff, encouraging campaign participation.
15 per email
Email campaign updates to all hospital staff.
15 per month
Add pro-donation messages to employee pay stubs.
Marketing material available
More marketing materials
Unique Landing Pages
Hospitals in action!

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