xmas traditions

Christmas traditions in
other cultures
How do you celebrate Christmas ?
Celebrations web quest
 Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Some other cultural
holidays are mentioned on the following slides. Please
read about them. There are many more than just the
three I picked.
 After those 3 examples, the following slides will tell
about some Christmas celebrations in other
 Once you have looked at all the slides ,websites, and
completed your web quest paper then next class you will
make a power point. You will tell the class about YOUR
family’s personal traditions.
 http://www.msichicago.org/scrapbook/scrapbook_exhibit
 What follows the month long fasting ?
 http://www.officialkwanzaawebsite.org/index.shtml
 Who celebrates
Kwanzaa ?
 http://www.brybackmanor.org/holidayfun/hannukah.html
 What is the miracle of the oil ?
Christmas in other cultures
 http://www.5min.com/Video/Christmas-TraditionsAround-the-World-516900983
 Put your head phones please ! No questions to answer
just listen.
Christmas in other cultures
 Why do trees have to be
imported into Greenland ?
 How does climate affect
 http://www.whychristmas.c
Why is cotton used to decorate trees
in Argentina ?
 http://www.hispaniccultureonline.com/christmas-inargentina.html
What animals help Santa
get around in Australia ?
(Hint: they’re not reindeer)
Have a listen to the song
 What is the Reveillon in
France ?
 http://www.whychristmas.c
PART TWO – next day’s class
 You will create a short 2 to 3 power point slide show
about your families traditions . Where do these traditions
come from? How does climate affect your traditions ?
 See my example in the slides that follow. Do what you
can in class and finish the rest with your family at home.
What recipe do you have ? Where do you go ?do you
leave a Santa snack ?Do you put a star or angel on your
 You will present next Social studies class.
My Family’s Christmas
We always eat lobster and
fiddle heads on Christmas
Eve before church.
The fiddle heads We pick
ourselves in May, behind
our house and freeze them
for Xmas dinner.
We watch for Santa on Norrad
 Tracking Santa is how
technoculture has
created a tradition in our
 For our family Christmas
is about helping. When
Erin was 5 she joined
kindness club and we
spend every Christmas
morning (after we open
gifts) at the Fredericton
SPCA cleaning cat cages.
Finished early ?
 BONUS questions
 What are some names Santa Claus goes by ?
 Check out other cultural celebrations about Christmas at
this site.
 http://www.whychristmas.com/

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