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Lynn Corrigan – Small Business Liaison Officer
My name is Lynn Corrigan and I am the Small Business Liaison
Officer on the Santa Barbara Campus.
The roll of the Small Business Liaison Officer is to be a contact to the
Small Business Community and to further the use of Small Business
at the University.
The Small Business Liaison Officer is your link to understanding how
to do business with the University.
This presentation will give you information on what supplier
information is required, Insurance requirements, Department and
Campus Buyer Rolls, the Campus Purchasing System, Bidding
information, Website information, Subcontracts, Parking on Campus,
and Contacts.
The Vendor Information Form is required for every
Vendor/Supplier/Merchant doing business with the University. It is a
simple three page form. This form is located on the Business and
Financial Services Website at:
Complete the form in it’s entirety.
Page one asks for information about your company. Complete Name,
including any DBA’s, address, phone number, Fax number, Federal
ID number, and Duns Number.
Descriptions of Products/ Services, number of years in Business and
Number of employees is required.
It also requires information on type of Business and Ownership
Status Categories. Gender, ethnicity and socio and economical
information is required.
It must also be documented if any owners or owners relatives
currently are employed by the University of California.
Certification of Insurance
UC Insurance Requirements
Prior to working with the University, service providers must furnish
to the University current certificates of insurance that show the
following minimum coverage's and meet the following
Commercial Form General Liability:
1. Combined Single Limit Per Occurrence
2. Products and Completed Operations
3. Personal and Advertising
4. General Aggregate, Bodily Injury, Property Damage $2,000,000
Business Automobile Liability Insurance for owned, scheduled, nonowned or hired automobiles with a combined single limit of not less
than $1,000,000 per occurrence.
Workers' Compensation: as required under California State Law.
UC Insurance Requirements (cont.)
Additional Insured Endorsement: The General Liability and Auto Liability
coverage shall be endorsed to name The Regents of the University of
California as an additional insured
Written Notice of Cancellation: Certificates shall provide for advance
written notice to University in accordance with policy provisions of any
modification, change, or cancellation of any component of the
insurance coverage.
Certificate Holder on the Certificate of Insurance shall be:
The Regents of the University of California
Purchasing Department
3203 SAASB
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1150
UC Insurance Requirements (cont.)
• There are other limits for companies whose services are
Bus/Charter, Vessel and Valet. They can be found at this
• Please be aware of Certificate of Insurance Policy end
dates and submit an updated copy to the University
• For Vendor/Suppliers who do not have the required
Insurance, the University has an Insurance Program
where General and Professional Liability can be obtained
for $500.00. Information can be found here:
Individual Departments have been delegated some purchasing power by
the University’s Purchasing Manager. They assign this power to certain
individuals with in the unit. These individuals may procure items of
certain value and limited risk for their department.
In the new Purchasing system, Gateway, Department Buyers may submit
Purchase orders to vendors directly for certain allowable items under
$10K. NOTE: any purchases made with Federal money have lower limits
($3,000.00); and higher limits will go through Campus buyers for
Certain Departmental Buyers have a FlexCard (credit card) in their name
that they may use to purchase certain allowable items under $5K.
The campus employs three Buyers. The Buyers are responsible
for purchasing materials, supplies, equipment, and services,
solicit bids, analyze quotations received and recommend
UCSB and other UC system-wide bids can be viewed on the
online Sourcing tool:
Professional services agreements/contracts are procured
through the Business and Financial Services department of
Contracts and Property. These types of agreements will include,
but not limited to, editing, translation testing, and speaker
Leases, Easements, rental, and equipment/Loan agreements are
also handled through the contracts and Property office.
• The Small Business Liaison Officer maintains a process for
providing equal access to opportunity for Small Business
suppliers and to increase the level of diversity in the University’s
supplier and contractor pools.
• The Small Business Liaison Officer also prepares subcontracts for
federal funded research contracts and grants, by assisting
campus project teams to develop small business plans which
enable them to achieve specific federal small business utilization
goals as directed under FAR Part 19.
Gateway and FlexCard
• The online e-procurement system, Gateway, allows Campus
Departments to order from a variety of contracted suppliers,
non-catalog suppliers, and provides walk-in PO’s.
• The campus also utilizes a Procurement Card, called a
Flexcard, on our campus, which is a credit card. The card is
issued to certain individuals to make purchases, but is paid
by the campus.
UCSB Website:
Purchasing Department:
UC Office of the President:
Visit the Parking Services Website to learn about where to park on
campus and the costs:
Visitor Parking at UCSB:
Campus maps are available at links above.
Small Business Liaison Officer: Lynn Corrigan
805/893-4073; [email protected]

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