2012 Football Off-Season Informational Meeting

2012 Football Off-Season
Informational Meeting
Why are we meeting?
• There are a lot of things scheduled in the next
couple of months designed to better prepare
our team and your player for the 2012 season.
• We have a large number of players
participating in spring sports that we do not
have contact with to get them information.
• We also have a large number of players who
are unaccounted for this spring??
Why are we meeting?
• We need a commitment from the players and
parents to help get the students where they
need to be.
• We also have a number of students who are
working. We want to get the schedules out
early so they can adjust their work schedules
to be available.
Why are we meeting?
• Nothing is mandatory, however, it definitely
makes a positive impact on the coaches when
we see players being committed in the
offseason and at certain events.
Why are we meeting?
Spring and Summer BFS
NFL Team Camp
NUC Combine
Positive Training Team Camp
Pre-Season Practice
• A FREE physical can be completed now in our
wellness center. 653-2399
• You must be a member
• The form must be filled out before the physical is
• The physical is good for the entire 2012-13 School
• It may not be free after this year??
• All players need to have a physical to participate
in Camps, Summer lifting, etc.
Eligibility 101
• 5 Credits-2 Majors
– The player must have a total of 5 credits which include 2
majors(Eng, Sci, SS, Math) from the 2011-12 school year to be
• Sophomore issues-Dr. Ed 4 ¾ credits
– Be aware if your player is a sophomore
– Passing 6 Classes(Eng, Math, Sci, SS, PE2 and Dr. Ed=4 ¾ credits)
• Summer School
– students may gain additional credits in summer school
– they must have a 60 or above to take the class in summer school
Please Contact Coach Lloyd
With Specific Individual Questions
Spring/Summer BFS
• Currently we have BFS running after school on
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:00-4:15.
• The number of football players that are lifting is
very low for two reasons.
• Good Reason- a number of players are playing
spring sports
• Bad Reason-players are choosing to not workout
and expect to be better football players in the
Spring/Summer BFS
• If your player has not made the Spring BFS and
they are not playing a spring sport, We Want
Them in the Weight Room!!
• I have been involved with the Football program at
Smyrna in some way for the past 22 years.
• There is a direct correlation with the commitment
from our players in the weight room and how
well those same players do on the field.
• All of the players that earned post season honors
last year were committed to the weight room!!
Spring/Summer BFS
Summer lifting will start June 18th
We will be lifting two days a week
Mondays and Thursdays from 6:00-7:30 pm
We are aware of vacations and work
– This is why we are having the meeting
– The later time allows for rides
– We are only asking for 2 days for BFS
• This is more than just lifting, this is a time for
Teambuilding, Speed and Strength
NFL Team Camp
• Dates June 4-7th
• We will not be attending the 8th due to the
NUC Combine(Next Slide)
• Location Middletown HS
• Rides are the players responsibilities
• Cost Free
NFL Team Camp
• We need a minimum of 20 players
• The form which is in your packet must be turned
into Coach Lloyd to be put on the list for
• You will be put on the list in the order I receive
the forms.
• Forms must have
– How are you getting to the camp?
– Signature of parent and player in regards to
equipment responsibilities
NFL Team Camp
• This camp is helmets and shoulder pads only
• We will handout equipment May 30th to:
– Returning Players who turn in form 4:30-5:00
– New Players who turn in forms 5:00-5:30
• All players will be responsible for their
equipment and will return all equipment
issued in a timely manner.
NUC Combine
• National Underclassmen Combine
• Date June 8th-10th
– Reason for not attending 8th for the NFL Team Camp
• NUC Website-http://nationalunderclassmen.com
• Cost-will be reduced because Smyrna is hosting.
• Includes Recruiting Seminar, Combine for all grades
and positions, 7 on 7 opportunity and OL/DL Trench
• This is an awesome opportunity in OUR HOUSE!!
NUC Elite 100
• Date June 15th-17th
• If selected as top 100 in the East for your
position and grade you will be invited back for
the Elite 100 the following week.
• Unbelievable opportunity to see who the best
are in this area and in your positions.
Positive Training Team Camp
• This is replacing the team camp that was
normally held at the end of July
• The camp will be held at Smyrna High School on
Wednesday Nights Starting June 20th from 6:008:30 pm. Exception will be Thursday July 5th.
Helmets and shoulder pads.
• The cost is $60.00 per player. The camp will
consist of practice time and 7 on 7 time each day
with Smyrna High School Staff. This is a great
opportunity to show the coaches what you can
do and prepare for the upcoming season.
Positive Training Team Camp
• Other teams will be invited and have an
opportunity to attend.
• We moved to a weekly format so that we can
accommodate more players. We know that
vacations will be taken so if you go away you only
miss one day not the entire camp.
• Equipment handout for the Positive Training
Team Camp will be after Lifting on June 18th for
those players that are not attending the NFL
Team camp.
Pre-Season Practice
• Practice officially starts August 15th
• We need the players here so scheduling
vacations before the 15th is very helpful in
avoiding conflicts.
• I will have a Pre-Season Schedule prepared
over the summer and sent out to all the
players as soon as it is finalized.
Drive One for your school
• Date: This Saturday April 21st from 10-1 pm at the
High School
• If you test drive a Ford vehicle at this time they
will donate $20.00 to our Smyrna Athletic
• If you are available we as a football program can
show support by participating in this event.
• All you have to do is test drive a vehicle that’s it!!
Smyrna Athletic Boosters
• I am always looking for parents who may be interested
in helping the program out in different ways.
• We need help behind the scenes sometimes and
parents have always been helpful.
• One great way to get involved is to be an active
participant in our Athletic Boosters.
• There is a meeting tonight after this meeting in the
• I would highly encourage you to attend and become a
part of the booster club.
• Please contact me if you are interested in helping in
other ways.
Contact and Communication
• In the world today with all of the technology
available to us it is very frustrating as a coach
when we do not find out about something until
the last minute or we can’t reach a player.
• Phone
• Text
• Email
• Twitter
• Website- www.leaguelineup.com/smyrnafb
Contact and Communication
• Players and Parents
• Phone # Coach Lloyd Cell-302-222-5685
• Email-School
[email protected]
• Email –Football
[email protected]
Contact and Communication
• Everyone should Text and Email me their
name to be added to the contact list.
• Parents please include the name of your
Contact and Communication
• Twitter updates
• This has been a great tool to communicate to a
large group about our program
• You do not have to have twitter
• You can text “follow smyrnafbplayer” to 40404
• You will receive my twitter messages as text
• If you have twitter just follow smyrnafbplayer
• Parents you can do the same thing, just use:
Thank You
Booster Meeting Cafeteria-Now
Text Coach Lloyd your Name- 302-222-5685
Follow or text “follow smyrnafbparent” to 40404
Schedule Physical in Wellness Center 653-2399

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