Citing Your Sources

Citing Your Sources
Giving Credit to the Creator –
Protecting Against Plagiarism
Citing – C-I-T-I-N-G
You may use a small amount of someone else’s creative
work in your project, paper, or presentation.
However, you MUST cite the source of the information in
order to prevent plagiarism.
How do I do
There are several “formats” used today.
 But
we will use APA formatting. It’s one of
the most commonly used ways to cite your
In every project or paper where you use
ideas that are not your own . . .
 You
should create a “Works Cited” page – or
One of the easiest ways to do this is to use an
online citation maker
You can copy/paste a URL (web) address
and get a citation for the information you
find online.
You can type in the name of a book
you’re using for information.
You can type in the name of a movie,
magazine article, newspaper article,
journal article . . .
BIBME.ORG will build your “Works Cited”
list . . .
. . . And then you can print it off, or copy/paste the
citations onto a Word document, PowerPoint, or Google
You do need an email account go sign up
. . . But you all have an email account through school.
Your email is through gmail. And it is:
Username: [email protected]
Password: YYYYMMDD
If you want to use your school email (or
use it to sign up for something) . . .
Go to the Amarillo ISD homepage:
Or just Google – Amarillo ISD
Then click on “Student E-Mail.”
Then your login page will pull up.
From here, you have access to email,
Google Docs, etc.
Google Docs – like Word,
But back to citing your sources using
Create your account.
Use your school email
if needed.
Create a password you
Can remember!
As soon as you sign up, it will take your
right to the site.
Now you can get started citing your sources,
creating your bibliography/works cited page.
When you find information from a site
you want to use, copy the URL address.
Highlight the URL.
Right click on your
mouse/copy (or CTRL C)
Then click on “website” on, and
paste in your URL address. (right click/paste
or CTRL V)
Click on “Find Website.” Then “Select.”
Information will pop up about your site, and
you need to add as much as you can.
Is there a date
the information
was published?
Who is the sponsor/publisher?
Is there an author’s name?
Usually, for a credible
website, the sponsor or
publisher can be found at the
bottom of the web page.
Look for a date IF you need
information that changes
quickly – like scientific
information, news, etc.
For this site,
I’m able to
add the
sponsor, but I
see no date.
And will start your Works
Cited page. Be sure to click on APA.
Keep adding sources – websites, books,
movies, etc. – until your have cited the
source of all information you’re using in your
 will save all of your sources
until YOU erase them.
Each time you come back, you will have
to login.
Again, you may copy/paste the entries
onto your project . . .
OR you can
them all to
And your final bibliography/works
cited/reference page is ready to go!
When you get to high school or college . . .
You might need to check the formatting against
an official APA guide.
But for now, this is a great tool for citing your
I have not committed
plagiarism! I cited my

similar documents