Getting Started With EasyBib

Registering for Easy Bib
and Creating a Works Cited Page
Registering for An Account
We subscribe to EasyBib. So, when you log in from a school computer, you can create
a premium account, which enables you to save Works Cited pages, and to access
other premium features like the research database and notebook. To create an
account, click on the "Register" button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.
Getting Registered
You need an email account to register. If you have one of the accounts listed
above on the right, you can register through one of those accounts, or just
register directly with EasyBib.
Creating a Project
For each new assignment you create a
new project. Be sure to title it clearly so
that you can remember which project is
which. To create a new project, you can
click on the "Create a new project" button
or the link reading "Click here to create a
new project."
Creating a Project
First, give your projects a title. Make sure that it is
detailed enough that you will recognize which
project it refers to (ie. English 11 Research Paper).
Underneath the title, you can choose which
citation style you wish to use. If you are unsure,
check with your teacher. Most papers you do
here will likely be cited in the MLA 7.
Click "Create" when you're
ready to make the project.
Starting a Works Cited Page
Once you've created a project, you will
be able to access it at any time through
the "All Projects" link in the blue toolbar
at the top of the screen.
To create a Works Cited page, click on
the blue "Bibliography" link under the
project title.
Note: Be sure you are logged in and in the correct project every time you add a source!
If you don't click on a project, EasyBib will create a new file and store your citation there,
which can be confusing.
Creating a Citation
EasyBib may be able to automatically cite your work. If you are citing a website, book,
newspaper article or journal article, click on the tab, and type the URL or title of the work into
the entry box.
If you prefer, or if Easy Bib is
unable to identify the source
automatically, you can choose
the "Manual entry" link, which
will enable you to enter citation
information on your own.
Creating a Citation
If you have a different type of source, you can
choose the "All 59 options" tab, which will allow you
to choose from a wide variety of sources to cite.
Different types of sources require different citation
information. When you choose what type of source
you're citing, it will prompt you to include the needed
information for that kind of source.
Creating a Citation
When you choose to cite a source
manually, you'll be prompted to fill in a
series of boxes with information about the
source. Even with an autocite, you'll see
these boxes and be asked to confirm that
the information in them is correct.
When you've filled in all the required information, click the "Create
citation button to create your citation. Don't leave anything blank
unless you check it with your teacher or librarian first!
Pasting in a Completed Citation
Some databases or webpages might provide you with an already
completed citation for a source. If you have that, you do not need
to manually complete an entry.
Just click the "All 59 options" tab. When the options box pops up,
click on the link that says "Write/paste citation" in the first column.
When the "Cite a Custom citation" box opens, just paste the
citation in the box, and then press the "Create Citation" button.
Printing Your Works Cited Page
You will be able to save and add to your Works Cited page as
you complete your research on your project. When you are
ready to print it out, or if you'd like to save it off of EasyBib,
click the "Print as Word Doc" button.
When you click the "Print as
Word Doc" button, this screen
will appear. If a pop-up screen
does not appear shortly, click
the "Click here to download..."
Click the "Open" link, and your
Works Cited page will open up in a
Word document.
Printing Your Works Cited Page
Your Works Cited page will open in a Word
Document. It is correctly formatted, so you
don't need to make any changes. Just press
File, and scroll down to Print.
If you do see problems, you can go back into
Easy Bib and edit the entry, and then open the
document again.

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