Manlius & The Sacred Geese

Manlius & The Sacred Geese
By Seth George
Gauls invaded Rome.
Gauls won a great victory, and killed nearly forty thousand men. The Roman army was cut to
pieces, and no obstacle now prevented the barbarians from reaching Rome. As the Gauls
advanced, the people fled, while many soldiers took refuge in the Capitol.
Gauls attempts & Plans
At the Capital, the Romans were perched on a hill. The Gauls were at the foot trying to invade.
Whenever they tried to scale the steep mountain side, the Romans showered arrows and stones
down upon them; and day after day the Gauls remained in their camp at the foot of the Capital,
hoping to starve the Romans into surrender.
The Romans understood the Gauls plan, so the threw down their bread instead of stones.
Brennus (Gauls leader) begin to doubt the success of his plan and thought they were far from
The Night Of….
● One night, a sentinel from the Gallic Camp saw a barefooted roman soldier
climb down the rock of the fort the Romans built. The roman soldier was
carrying a message to the fugitive from Rome to aid to their rescue.
● The sentinel reported to Brennus what he had saw, and Brennus decided
to have a surprise attack on the Romans.
The Sacred Geese & Manlius
When the Gauls were trying to attack the Romans, their armor clattered too loud. This lead to
the Sacred Geese in the capital to be awakened. The geese squawked which woke up a Roman
soldier name Marcus Manlius. Marcus Manlius looked at down from the wall and saw the Gauls.
He then made a Gaul soldier fall which lead to a domino effect. Manlius saved the Romans and
Rome from the Gauls.
The Deal & Outcome
Brennus and his army decided leave, if the romans gave a 1000 Lbs of gold. When they were
weighing the gold with a balancer, the Gauls tricked the Romans. It ended up the Romans gave
more than they needed to. This lead to an upset with the Romans.
THEN….. the exiled Camillus came in with his army. He told the roman senators to take the
gold back. Camillus sayed "Rome ransoms itself with the sword, and not with gold!" Then he
challenged Brennus to a duel. Camillus won.
The Romans began to rebuild Rome.
Manlius, the soldier who saved the Capitol from the barbarians, was rewarded by being given
the surname of Capitolinus, and a house and pension. He was so proud of these honors,
however, that he soon wanted to become king of Rome. He formed a plot to obtain possession
of the city, but this was discovered before it could be carried out.
Manlius then was accused of treachery, and arrested.

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