Protecting Brand Equity and Providing Supply Chain Effeciciences

Background in Aseptic Technology
40+ years in the food and beverage industry
17 years in aseptic
Protecting “Brand Equity” in a Complex Market
A Simple Solution
Unitized packaging
Cost Reduction and Benefits
Bulk Unloading Systems
Aseptic Valve –ITW
Aseptic Unloading – Partnership with German Engineering Firm
Questions and Answer
 40+ years in the food and beverage industry
 Southern Illinois University – Degree in the School Arts & Design – Studied
under Buckminster Fuller 1969-1971
 Started with The Stange Company setting up the distribution of key KFC
product thru local distributors in 19 states 1971-1975
 First entry into the citrus industry as Director of New Business Development
for Crystals International (Freeze-Dried Citrus) 1975-1980
 Taco Bell Franchise outside of Chicago 1980 -1983
 McCormick and Company – Supplying Yum Brands – first look at flexible
packaging and at aseptics with Garden Fair in 1985 1983 -1990
 Established Priority Consultants Inc. 1990 – Today
 Merlen Foods1994 – SR. VP General Manager, Rochelle IL. First true high acid aseptic B.I.B facility in North American
 Focus on Foodservice applications – Bag in Box
 Tetra single tube processor
 Liqui-Box web-feed aseptic filler
 Scholle web-feed aseptic filler
 American Purpac Technologies 2002 – CEO/ Founder, Beloit Wisconsin
 Focus on compounding, blends and unitized packaging Rated as one of the 5 top aseptic facilities in the
 APS multi-tube systems (2)
 Scholle Bulk and BIB web-feed aseptic fillers
 Liqui-Box aseptic Filler
 Hot fill bottle line
 Hot filled cup line
 Sold to Wild Flavors 2008
 Dohler–Milne Aseptics –COO/ CBDO - Prosser, Washington 2010
 50/50 JV between Dohler Group- Germany and Milne Fruit Products, Prosser Washington
 Focus – conversion of frozen pails to aseptic 5 gallon units and compounds, blends and unitized packaging
 2 – ThermoLine processors - (1) Triple tube – NFC to Purees (1) Tube in Tube – Pilot line
 3 – ELPO filler (1) Single head -manual (1) Web-Feed (1) Single lane bulk filler Drums & Totes
 Continue to work for a wide range of companies that see the benefits and future growth of aseptic
technology globally.
In the last 10 years, the consumer market for extremely complex food and beverage products
has experienced increasing demands on manufacturing facilities. Many of these facilities are
not equipped to properly handle, blend, or properly process these complex ingredients with a
Brand owners are now having to create higher quality produces, offer more varieties, with
more complex products and at more competitive prices, then ever before.
From a manufacturing point of view, these new products present new levels of challenges that
have to be combined with shorter product lead times, increase in ingredient cost, more
inventory, increase in transportation cost and utilizing existing facility that were not designed
for these multiple ingredient complex products.
As products continue to be more complex, so does the cost of finished goods increase, new
safety standards on handling ingredients, and so innovative cost controls need to be in place
to fight for market share with your competition .
“If sleeping all night without concerns over Quality Control, Cost Reduction, and Food
Safety for your Brands Equity is important, then you need to listen today to what I have been
promoting for 17 years by the :
“Utilization of Bulk Aseptic Technology for your
Supply Chain Efficiencies!”
A simple solution that has been in place thru-out the industrial world, with
increasing new interest in North America. This technology is now being employed
into the new global growth markets by leading ingredient suppliers to meet this
new demand for complex products, cost reduction and food safety, by utilizing the
technique of
of key ingredients, along with aseptic processing and packaging technology.
Bulk aseptic compounding technology will become as standard as it is outside
of North America for competing in a complex market by protecting
“Brand Equity and Providing Supply Chain
Compounding - sometimes referred to by Coke or Pepsi as concentrate business:
 Determine bulk ingredients used in each formulation:
 Water
 Sweetener
 Bulk juices like Pear, Apple or White grape juice – in some products all juices are added
to compound, based on total percentage.
Determine key ingredients to be in a compounded
Additional low volume fruit, berry or vegetables juices
Flavors and Colors
Nutritional components – vitamins, minerals, extracts and oils
Any additional small volume ingredients – stabilizers, gums etc.
Determine blending sequence of ingredients and to determine using
specialty equipment like:
 Liquefier
 Homogenizer – rate
 Can be design as a two part system, because of raw material interactions
Determine the volume required for a batch size thought the
manufacturing system – unitized maybe required based on % of juice in a formula
Determine the best bulk aseptic packaging for the project
 Bag in Box
 Drums
 Totes – various sizes
 Determine reusable or corrugated totes
QA testing procedures – brix, pH, acidity, color, flavor or as required.
Certificate of analysis with each batch
Adjustment to the formulation from time to time without changing the
spec by sourcing different varieties of some raw materials at different
All key ingredients always available and within specifications based on
production schedule
Blends are very simply blending of multiple juices, berries, or vegetable
juices into aseptic packaging that would include
◦ 5 gallon BIB’s
◦ Drums
◦ Various size totes
These blends simplify blending of these juices into a batch.
Additional complex ingredients can be added to this blend.
QA testing procedures – brix, pH, acidity, color, flavor or as neeeded.
Certificate of analysis with each batch
Adjustment to the formulation from time to time without changing the
spec by sourcing different varieties of some raw materials at different
All key ingredients always available and within specifications based on
production schedule
◦ Example: Three berry blend for McDonalds Smoothie?
Is taking key juices, berries and vegetable juices as
concentrates or single strength in pre-determined volumes
for products that have low juice levels.
That the unitized packaging can be added by either a
single unit or multiple units, when being added into a batch
to insure precise volumes per batch, without measuring.
This insure that the quality and freshness of these
ingredients for every batch is the same at all manufacturing
facilities globally.
Additional complex ingredients can be added to this blend.
◦ Vitamins / Minerals
◦ Nutritional and functional ingredients
Example: cranberry and blueberry juices in a formula at 2%
◦ Correct specifications on all ingredients and finished products
Across all manufacturing facilities
◦ Raw materials cost reduction
Purchasing in the largest packaging from pails to tankers
Using ingredients from only approved suppliers, at contracted price
Freshest products used – just in time delivery
Reduction in delivery cost of raw materials to a single location for multiple
bottling facilities
 Elimination of out dated ingredients in multiple locations
◦ Inventory reduction in multiple locations
 Single source supply point
All ingredients always available and within specifications based on production schedule
 Mini/max inventory levels based on total individual bottling facility production
 Just in time delivery – example -one truckload for next weeks production just in time
◦ Reduction in labor cost
 Handling
 Thawing time eliminated
 Blending time
◦ Eliminated any waste of ingredients – you pay for what you get!!!!
◦ Total traceability from one source and on time
◦ Warehousing
 Eliminated frozen warehousing cost
 Opens up internal warehouse space by a single slot that represents multiple
ingredients in a single unit – stored ambient
 Eliminates outside warehousing –
 In and out charges and transportation cost or fees
 Energy cost reduction – freezer , handling and transportation
◦ Transportation cost
 Elimination of frozen distribution
 Ambient or refrigeration based on time of year and location temperatures
 Reduction in LTL shipments of low volume ingredients
◦ Reduction in capital investment of new equipment to meet complex
product formulation blending and batching requirements within multiple
◦ Total food safety with commercially sterile product every time
Dohler-Milne Aseptics – Prosser Washington
Dohler Globally
Wild Aseptics – Beloit WI.
Wild Flavors – Erlanger, KY.
Wild Flavors Globally
I am currently working on other locations in North America to add
this technology within their existing operations for innovative
As I have been promoting today the utilization of aseptic processing and packaging in
the usage of bulk compounds to “Protecting Brand Equity”, my next focus has been on
the design of a bulk aseptic unloading systems for compounds. This technology
eliminates a large part of the capital investment in new aseptic facilities globally, with a
single integrated design for the dilution of compounded concentrates into single
strength ready to pack products on a single closed loop system. This system was
created as key components were created to make this a total system from start to finish.
The goals was to be able to take a compound in a 1,000 liter tote, unload it into a system
that would then dilute the concentrated ingredients from the tote, by blending it with
sterile water and sweetener back into a single strength product without breaking
sterility. The final step is to add aseptic flavor dosing to the mix to provide the final
quality improvement and cost savings feature in the design. Positive quality effects are
expected due to reduced heat treatment and direct flavor dosing
This single strength aseptic product can then be moved to a aseptic filler without ever
braking sterility. One could even take the concentrated compound and dilute it into a
lesser concentrate to be packed as a 4 to 1 concentrate in BIB.
We have even included in this system the capability of pre-testing the compound for
containminated product and by employing energy efficient sterilization and cooling
methods to insure sterility at all times, if there is any issues with the compound.
ITW Fastex designed this “One Usage”
aseptic valve that was one of the key
component to the design of a bulk unloading
system of aseptic compounds. The valve had
to withstand the pre-sterilization temperatures
prior to opening, be re-closable without
breaking sterility and have a cost that would
not affect the benefits of using compounds
aseptically. This valve provides the ability of
having aseptic totes of compounds shipped to
a facility and be unloaded aseptically, with a
completely disposable packaging. It also lets
an operation pump out just the right amount of
product from a 340 gallon tote that is needed
and re-close the valve without breaking
sterility within the bag.
Proposed process design
1. Add product water (aseptic)
2. Add aseptic sweetener (aseptic)
3. Flush sweetener piping w/ product
sterile water
4. Add compound aseptic juice
5. Flush concentrate piping w/ product
sterile water
6. Aseptic dosing of flavor top note in
7. Add sterile product water to min. Brix
Technical Options to be evaluated
A. Tote design and operation
A1. Type of outer Container
A2. Bag design, QC, sampling
A3. Product losses, emptying
A4. Valve design, docking system
B. Heat treatment (needed?)
B1. Type of heat treatment
(conventional vs. steam
B2. Product cooling (needed?)
C. Type of water sterilization
D. Aseptic flavor dosing
E. Type of mixing device
(magnetic, Isomix®, etc.)
Eliminating Capital Investment of
Bulk storage tanks for ingredients other than sweetener –
Blending tanks – pumps, valves, flow meters etc.
Liquefiers and homogenizers – for complex products
Aseptic Processor – both high and low acid products from a
single source on one filler
◦ Aseptic surge tank
◦ Pumps, valves, flow meters etc.
Elimination of labor
Bulk receiving and handling
Thawing and pre-blending
Blending all ingredients
Processing management
CIP time
Reduced flavor costs by aseptic flavor dosing
Zero product losses
Inventory reduction in multiple locations – just in time
delivery for multiple products of different products on
one truck
Opens up warehouse space by a single slot represents
multiple ingredients in a single unit
Correct specifications on all ingredients across all
manufacturing facilities
Total traceability from one source
Waste reduction
Inventory reduction
Let Us Evaluate How This
Technology Can Fit Your
Aseptic Production
Requires and Needs
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