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Introduction to
Questionmark Perception
Fang Lou and Julie Vuolo
February 2013
What is Questionmark Perception?
• Questionmark Perception (QMP) is a software that
allows you to ‘author’ different types of questions
and group them into tests which are then delivered
• Tests can be scheduled for delivery during a fixed
time period
• Students are given a login name and password to
access the test
• Students are given an URL to access the test
What do you need to get started?
• Before you can use QMP you will need an
account set up in your name.
• Email [email protected] with your
request for a QMP account
• When you have your login name and
password you can get started…
Browser Based Authoring –
Question manager
Click on ‘Question Manager’
• This is where you will store all your questions
• Set up a folder for yourself and use sub-folders
to store different sets of questions e.g.
different topic areas.
• Organise and name your folders and subfolders so that you can find your questions
• This will help when you are compiling
tests/assessments later
Setting up your folder
In Question Manager, select the appropriate main folder for your folder to
sit within e.g. ‘Nursing’. Click on the box to the left of the folder and then
select ‘New Subtopic’ to create a folder for yourself.
You will be asked to enter
the ‘topic name’ (folder
Writing questions
In ‘Question Manager’ click on the folder where you want your
question to be stored. When open, select the option ‘New Question’
from the ‘Question Options’ box
Type of questions
– choose & create
Yes/No – question & graph
Adding feedback for each choice
Text Match
Essay – title & graph
Essay – size defined
Compiling the assessment/test
• Return to ‘Brower Based Authoring’ page and
select ‘Assessment Manager’
• Select appropriate School/Dept. from list
Compiling the assessment/test
Select ‘New Assessment’
Type in the assessment/test name
Select required settings
Do not select ‘require
Select Assessment questions (add
or remove as wanted)
Finish selecting required settings
Scheduling your test
• You will need to schedule your test so that it
appears when you want to the students you
• Email you request to the
[email protected] . Remember to tell
»Name/title of the test
»Time and duration required
»Module code

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