How to handle the Multitude

How to handle the Multitude
Successfully handling thousands of E-Book records
using MARCEdit and BIBLOAD reports
Kelly Swickard
Decker Library
Maryland Institute College of Art
100,000 + E-Book records to load
• Task was to load 120,000 E-Book records from
EBSCOhost E-Book Academic Collection
• Get file from OCLC Product Services
• Need to alter records: MARCEdit
• Workflows set-up: Bibload report, item type,
location, item categories, etc.
• Enterprise/Portfolio set-up: item type, location,
Search Limits
• Eventual batch deletion…
Workflows set-up
Holdings, Item Type, location, call number, item
Workflows Bibload report
ISBN (020), OCLC number
Copy processing: Ignore holding
Classification: LC; Entry ID: 099,
949, all subfields
Set POSTLOAD to make new items available
Enterprise/Portfolio set-up
Search Limits – Enterprise/Portfolio
Getting the Records from OCLC
• Product services page
• Click on Records and reports
• OCLC WorldCat collection
sets (login page)
Download File
• Download the file
• File is saved to local
computer as .bin file
MARCEDIT: Wonder Tool
• Can go to MARCEdit
web page and (freely)
download software
• Edit fields as needed
• Save file in desired
• I edit 099, 949, 856
•FILE > MARC Tools >
where you want the file to
go, and select .mrk.
•Input file: file you want to
•Output file: file you want
to be .mrk
•Click on Execute, once
finished click on edit
Edit Records
• Click on EDIT RECORDS > make sure to load all the
records (which is in the upper right hand corner)
• Go to TOOLS > ADD/EDIT Fields Utility > Add 099 field,
Field Data: (Subfield) $a E-BOOK
• Go to TOOLS > EDIT SUBFIELD > Put in 949, subfield $a,
add field data E-BOOK to both fields
• EDIT SUBFIELD > Edit 856 field (optional) subfield $z to
say click here for full text, etc.
• It should give you the number of edits when
• Go to File > Save > save file as .mrc for importing into
Back to Workflows…
• .mrc file saved – go to MARC IMPORT and run
• Then run E-Book bibload report
Item Record in Workflows
E-book control tab
Print book control tab
Workflows bib record
OPAC view
Eventual deletion…
• Need to remove OCLC
– Received file from OCLC
of records to be deleted
– EBSCO sent me an excel
file which OCLC record
– Was able to load .txt file
of numbers taken from
excel file and batch
deleted holdings
• Need to remove records
from Workflows
– Load file from OCLC as it
has ‘d’ in LDR field (use
MARCedit to change
from .bin to .mrc)
– Use bibload report but
change as needed
Deletion bibload

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