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ZERONA® Body Slimming
Proper Use Training
Agenda – Understanding ZERONA
• What Is ZERONA? – patented technology, how does it work
and what does it promise?
• Who is the ZERONA patient?
• Patient Protocol and Compliance
• Contraindications
• Hands On Demo – Proper Use and Precise Measurements
• Housekeeping – SBMI Client Services, Physician Portal and
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Erchonia Patented Technology
The Facts
• Specifications for you to know:
Configuration 5-3b Line
Generated Laser Diode
635 nm
Modulation Constant Wave
(CW): 1000 Hz
Programming: 4 Time Saving
Preset, Safe Programs
Power Source:
100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Knowledge leads to confidence…
How does ZERONA® Work?
• Laser emulsifies adipose tissue.
• Safe collapse of the rigid adipose cell and the secretion of
triglycerides and fatty acid from the cell.
Healthy adipose cells
Fat droplets seeping across Complete collapse of
adipose cell-emulsion
adipose cell membrane
Knowledge leads to confidence…
How does ZERONA® Work?
How Triglycerides and Fatty Acids Escape
• Images show formation of a transitory pore forming in the bi-lipid
membrane of an adipose cell.
• Pore is direct result of safe, low-level laser stimulation
• Triglycerides and fatty acids able to move into the interstitial space.
• Pore allows the fatty content to safely evacuate the cell.
Knowledge leads to confidence…
Supported by Clinical Research and Actual Results
Average Slimming effects of the ZERONA®.
Average Loss (inches)
Upper Arms:
Knowledge leads to confidence…
ZERONA Promise
Remove Fat, Reduce Inches
Slim stubborn fat from:
 Tummy
 Back
 Hips
 Thighs
 Buttocks
 Love Handles
 Chin and Neck
ZERO Pain. ZERO Surgery. ZERO Downtime.
What is ZERONA?
Who is the ZERONA® Patient?
Anyone who wants to slim down. Virtually Everyone!
 No known side effects
 Patients safely treated from 18 to 80s
 Patients with all skin types
 Patients who are male or female
 Patients with certain medical conditions should not be treated
 Patients who commit to compliance
Patients who commit to compliance and want to “kick start”
slimming down or lose the last few inches, are the best
The ZERONA® Patient
• Contraindications
 Cancer
active or within 1 year of remission
 Cardiovascular Disease
 Disease of the Lymphatic System
 Kidney Disease or Liver Disease
 Pacemaker
 Pregnant or Breast Feeding
 Regularly taking anti-inflammatory medication
The ZERONA® Patient
• Other Criteria to Ensure Positive Results
 Only stable patients with basal metabolic disorders (i.e. hyperthyroid or
 ZERONA is less effective during menstruation and wait one week after
before treatments.
 Liposuction patients will have varied results…fat cells previously
 Patients with visceral vs subcutaneous fat – visceral fat can not be
 Patients with BMI’s (body mass index) over 35
Optimizing ZERONA®
ZERONA® Two Week Treatment Protocol
 Prepare lymphatic and circulatory systems one week before series
 Six 40 minutes treatments
 Every other day for two weeks
imperative for best results
 20 minutes anterior and 20 minutes posterior
 Patient compliance is essential
CURVA™ Supplement
Proprietary blend of ingredients designed to assist the body in removing
and eliminating fat during ZERONA treatments.
Works to ensure the lymphatic, circulatory systems and liver are
functioning at optimal levels
Key ingredients are:
•Gingko biloba
•Blend of oils (sesame, ultra pure fish oil, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty
For best results:
 Begin CURVA supplements one week before treatment
 Continue taking CURVA throughout the two week treatment series,
and for one week following treatments
Patient Selection
Optimizing ZERONA®
Precise Measurement
 Are you using the ZERONA measuring tape included with your device?
 Is same person measuring the patient each time?
 Are you recording in patient progress notes precisely?
 Prior to first treatment
 After 6th treatment
 1 week after 6th treatment
Taking Before and After Pictures
Best Practices for taking great pictures!
 make sure you use the same background – preferably a blue backdrop
 have adequate and consistent lighting
 place tape on the ground where the patient and the photographer
stand, to ensure the distance from the camera does not change
 have the patient stand with their feet shoulder width apart
 suggest the patient wear the same undergarments or swimsuit at both
before and after pictures
 take 3 views:
1. Front – with arms to the sides
2. Side – with arms straight ahead
3. Back – with arms to the sides
Take pictures before the first treatment and after the last. Remember
to have a Media Release form signed
Optimizing ZERONA®
Proper Placement of the Diode
 Do you know exact placement of the diodes for each treatment area?
 no more than 12 inches from treatment area
 use the center diode as placement guide, slightly below the navel
 check for areas of greatest accumulation of fat, adjust laser arms over
the target treatment areas
 adjacent laser linear beams must overlap
 laser heads must be parallel to skin
Precise Measurement
and Proper Placement
Patient Forms
Handout & Review Patient Informed Consent or practice specific consent
 ZERONA® Low Level Laser Therapy Consent Form
A. Program and Background
B. Procedure
C. Risks/Discomfort
E. Alternatives
F. Questions
 Patient Procedure Guide
 Media Consent Form
 Patient Copy of Measurement Form
You’re on the road to success!

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