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Logistics ERP
Logistic Back
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Outsourcing Logistics
Logistics Outsourcing Services
(Logistics BPO) by ICT
o ICT is a customized Integrated Logistics Solution Provider. We offer logistics
transaction processing and support services for any company in any area of
o Our Team has in-depth domain knowledge and expertise in Logistics and
this expertise go into every transaction processes carried out innovatively.
Cargo Net is working with firms acting as their extended logistics arms. We
understand the essence of the value of time and accuracy in logistics and
are fully geared up to fulfill this.
BPO Process Involves :
 Receiving of Bills.
 Verification of Bills.
 Comparison to purchase authorization.
 Maintaining the Reports.
 Check Documents Send to Respectives.
Cargo Net BPO Involves :
 Cargo Net Logistics processing involves processing of shipments of Truck
Load/ Less than Truck Load/ Freight Bill/ Invoice Processing, Scrutiny and
Processing of Goods Bills, Reconciliation of weight , Auditing of Bills,
Verification of Freight Charges with the Rate Contracts, Rate Contract
Management etc. Cargo Net processes Airway Bills and Ocean . All the
above processes involve multiple levels of indexing, processing security
and auditing.
Specialized Freight Bill Processing and Auditing Services :
 By rendering the services the company offers its clients the main
advantage in terms of helping them to focus core competence and
outsource the non-core processing areas to us. The business processes at
Cargo Net creates a business value that reduces inventory, lowers logistics
back office costs such as Freight Bill Auditing, Freight Bill Processing and
provides efficient documentation and provides the information for finance
and operation managers for decision making.
Advantages of BPO Operation :
Low Cost
Onsite Customer Support
Easily Access & Perform a Operation
Lower logistics back office costs
Creates a business value that reduces inventory.

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