The Strangest Secret (Powerpoint)

“We become what we think about!”
~Earl Nightingale
Jacki Blasko ~ Field Vice President
Jacque Wilson ~ Professional Coordinator
30 day Test
Keep in mind that you have nothing to lose by taking
this test…and everything to gain!
There are 2 things that may be said of everyone!
1. Each of us want something
2. Each of us are afraid of something
Man's Search for Himself ~ Rollo May
"The opposite of courage in our society is not
is conformity."
Conformity ~ people act like everyone
else...without knowing why or where they are going.
What do you want more than anything else?
Write down on a 3 x 5 specifically what you want.
One single goal Clearly defined
Carry it with you so you can read it several times a day.
Think about it in a cheerful positive way when you get up,
and immediately you have something to work for…get out
5. Read it out load every chance you get during the day and
just before you go to bed.
6. And as you read it, remember that you must become what
you think about, and since you are thinking about your
goal you will realize it will soon be yours!
A brand new habit!
Here is the most difficult Part about the test!
1. Each time a negative thought comes into your mind,
replace it with a mental picture of your positive &
worthwhile goal.
2. For 30 days you must take control of your mind. It
will think only what you allow it to think about.
For 30 days, DO YOUR BEST!
1. No matter what your goal, do it as you’ve never done
it before for 30 days.
2. “Act as though it were impossible to fail.”
~Dorothea Brande
“Wake up and Live”
3. The second you write your goal down, you have
achieved it.
4. Write this down on a separate card…
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock
and the door will be opened to you” Matthew 7:7
(Keep this constantly before you during the test)
1. Don’t start your test until you’ve made up your
mind to stick with it.
2. Be persistent
3. Demonstrate faith by already claiming success.
4. If you should fail before the 30 days…which
means to suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by
negative thoughts…YOU MUST start over again
from that point and go another 30 more days.
7. Do not forget to read your card several times a day.
Hold your goal before you.
8. It is vitally important as you begin your new way of
9. On 1 side write your goal
10. On the other write “I become what I think about”
11. Read books in your spare time during your 30 day
12. Don’t worry…worry brings fear and fear is crippling.
13. Keep Calm & Cheerful…do not let petty things annoy
you and get you off course.
4 Points
1. You will become what you think about.
2. Remember the word “imagination” and let your
mind begin to soar.
3. Courageously concentrate on your goal everyday.
4. Save 10% of what you earn.
Finally, take action – ideas are worthless unless we
act on them!
What I need from you…
1. Develop your Purpose Statement.
2. Tell me what your dream is. (goal)
3. Tell me your action plan to make it happen.
4. How can I assist you as your leader?
My Purpose Statement
Your Why!
The 2 most important days in your life.
1. The day you were born
2. The day you realize why you were born!
Paul & Jacque Wilson
Goal Statement
Paul & I will hit National Supervising Coordinator
making in excess of $10,000 every 4 weeks by
December 30th, 2011.
Start February 7, 2011
End date March 8, 2011
Jacquelyn Wilson’s (Put this on back of “ask & it will be given…)
“To honor God and to bless and serve
Our Action Plan
Show the Plan to 15 qualified people a month using the new
BPO script.
Make everyone I talk to a customer.
Read goal statement 1st thing in the morning, several times
during the day and the last thing at night before I go to bed.
Make a new dream board
Set in motion my Portal/Social Media Campaign
Help my organization activate and reach their goals by helping
them duplicate our action plan.
I will prove that this process works by April 27th, 2011 for
Regional 2011 in Middleton.
90 day Challenge Script Quick 1 on 1
“Hi______________________ (family members, friends, acquaintances) I only have a
minute or two, so I won’t take much of your time.” You may or may not know this,
but I own my own Internet Franchise. And I have an assignment (a Project) that I
have to complete by the end of this month. I only need a 45 min. hour or so of your
time. When you do this with me I will have a free gift for you.” (A $25.00 gift
certificate at an area Restaurant)
“You may or may not be interested in my business, but I want you to better
understand what it is that I do and because I care about you I will show you how
to save money & make money when you shop on-line.” “Would it work better for
you to come to a more formal presentation or would you just like to get together
for a 45 min. or so at your house (if you are new say “with me and my business
Use the New Business Portal & Product 1 on 1 Overview found on
Anyone can do this. Say this to everyone you know. Make this a priority for the next 90
days. That’s 45 people. Do this, and duplicate this throughout your organization. Not
only will you have your 10 customers and be activated with at least 2 people, so will your
organization. Base 10 / 7 Strong is accomplished and duplicated. This is the Basic 5
Outline for Quick 1 on 1
Use 90 day challenge script
Portal overview
Sign them up as PC
Touch on each Tab
Show Top 10 Products
1 testimony on OPC-3
Show Home Shopping list
Point out Nutri-Physical (Under MORE button)
Give them certificate
Quick outline continued
 Show DVD. Stop at Bonus slide. “Our business focuses on helping others be
successful, helping one on the left & right make $1500.00 and you are paid a bonus
and in Market America that equates to $30,000 extra a year. There are 5 min more
on the DVD, we will go over that at our next meeting on ____/_____/____” (leave
them wanting more)
 Close “Thank you for your time! I hope you are seeing that shopping online can
save you time and give you CashBack when you shop at Book
the follow up appointment. (Hand out Next Step letter) “To save you time this letter
will direct you to the next steps in evaluating my business and more benefits for
you. Remember, evaluation is a process and we want to serve you as your
personal "Shop Consultant!" “#1 Become a PC earning CashBack then #2 take the
Nutri-Physical and see how you can benefit from a few of our top 10 products.” As
you further evaluate the business please answer the questions at the bottom: Am
I happy with my current financial situation? Do I have enough time? etc...The
last question is most important: Am I dependable, self motivated and a team
player? If this is you then I would really like to talk to you about joining our team
and help manage the growth of here in (Green Bay, WI) If
you are interested in purchasing any of our exclusive products tonight we are
extending a 10% discount or a free bottle of vit. C if you purchase 2 products.”
 Book Follow up meeting if appropriate
World Conference Recap 2011
 Need cool convention pic
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• Sell 5000 BV Worth Of Ma Branded Products
• Select 2-3 Products
• Select A University Major
• Maximize Your Education
• University Major Overviews
• Specialized Trainings
• Certification Trainings
• Change all existing products you use in your
household to Market America branded products
• Vitamins, hair and body products, make up,
household cleaners, laundry detergent, music
• Use your online Home Shopping List / or paper
Home Shopping List – Code: #671
Implementing The Home Shopping List (HSL)
promotes duplication throughout Team and
Preferred Customers generating commission
checks for all
The Team Implementation of the HSL
influences pricing, BV, IBV and Cash Back
The Home Shopping List is only getting
Make all of your normal store purchases
through your web portal – maximize
discounts, cash backs and IBV also time, gas,
tolls and excess spending
 Apply for a MA Credit Card – run all your bills and
payments, charges through your MA Credit Card
that you normally pay online and offline. Be sure
to pay your total bill monthly
 – free shipping
 Rastelli Direct – 25% IBV and 5% Cash Back
Attend International Convention with 2 qualified prospects
or new business partners (in the business less than six
months) - Total 3
Attend 2012 World Conference with your 2 International
Convention attendees who each bring 2 new qualified
prospects or business partners in the business less than six
months. You bring 4 new qualified prospects or new business
partners in the business less than six months. Total 11 Team
More is Always Better Here!
Why Attend the Major Events
The only short cut to success is to get your
Team and qualified prospects to the Major
2) This is the best way to support your efforts in
becoming a Professional UnFranchise
Business Owner, You have to stay current
3) This is an important piece to leverage to earn
$187,000 annually
Attend a minimum of 4 Local Seminars annually –
purchasing a minimum of 5 tickets per event and
bring 4 Qualified Prospect or Business Partners in
the business for less than 90 days.
 Attend a minimum of 12 UBPs with a minimum of
one guest at each UBP – no exceptions!
 Show the plan a minimum of 4 times per month
 Show the plan a minimum of 4 times for your “GO NOW”
distributors each month
 Discipline yourself to do 3-1-2 five days per week
 Use your Face Book account to identify Possibilities
1. Use and Share the Product and Web Portal!
2. Share the Business Opportunity!
3. Attend and Promote the Events!
- (Buy and Sell Tickets)
4. Listen to Audio Downloads Everyday!
Make personal efforts to invite friends to
enjoy Cash back opportunities – one person
per day, 7 days a week
 Invite Friend tool – and follow up call; call then
send Invite Friend tool
 Set up 1 appointment each week to do a portal
tour – 4 per month
▪ IBV Portal Party – Cash Back, Paid-to-Shop Party monthly
Make your Portal your homepage and visit your
portal daily – update Home Shopping List,
review Hot Deals, share with a friend, visit
UFMS, read News and Announcements
Meet your IBV Accrual Requirements – post
IBV Sign-up wizard
IBV Transfer Buy – 10, 20, 30
$50 in personal purchases from their web portal
Generate 50 BV in portal sales or autoship program
Create one new Preferred Customer each calendar quarter
who makes at least one purchase on line
Listen to 2 audios a week, twice! The first
time; listen. The second time; take notes that
you would present
Organize your team to follow the
recommended Audio Curriculum, part of
earning your MA University Degree
“The Difference between Success and
Start with the End in Mind.
With every appointment or introduction to
our UnFranchise Business, Product or Service
book the follow up call or appointment. This
includes the “NOs” as well!
 Thank you for taking time with me. I totally acknowledge
your current answer as “no”. Thank you for taking time.
 Since I am committed to grow my career and UnFranchise
Business, can you tell me the single most reason why you
currently would not own an UnFranchise Business? ____.
Thank you.
 Would you mind if I sent to you, maybe, an update on how
I am doing in three months and to see if anything has
changed in your life?___ Thank you.
Write, rewrite or update your goal statement,
so you have a meaningful reference and
inspiration to keep you driven
 Optimistic
 Be competitive with your goals
 Become the best at whatever
 Review your Action Plan to reach your goal with a
fellow respected business partner
Get Healthy, Be Fit and Stay Mentally Sharp!
 Get Healthy – live the Transitions Lifestyle. Get a
Starter Kit; Slim and Trim or Flab to Fab Kit
 Be Fit – commit to 30 minutes a day, every day to
physical activity
 Stay Mentally Sharp – get your rest, reduce stress,
learn something new every day

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