ASME Section XI Update to the July 2013 NESCC Mtg

July 2013
BPV XI Committee Organization
BPV XI Standards
Special Working Group on Nuclear Plant Aging
Executive Committee
Special Working Group on Reliability and
Integrity Management Program
Working Group on General Requirements
Subgroup on Water Cooled Systems
Working Group on Inspection of
Systems and Components
Working Group on Risk-Informed
Working Group on Containment
Working Group on Pressure Testing
Special Working Group on Editing and Review
Subgroup on
Subgroup on Evaluation
Working Group on
Procedure Qualification
and Volumetric
Working Group on
Operating Plant Criteria
Working Group on
Personnel Qualification
and Surface, Visual, and
Eddy Current
Subgroup on
Working Group on Design
and Programs
Working Group on Flaw
Working Group on Pipe
Flaw Evaluation
Working Group on
Welding and Special
Repair Processes
ASME Section XI
• Division 1: Rules for Inspection and
Testing of Components of LightWater-Cooled Plants (2010 Edition
with the 2011 Addenda)
• Division 2: Rules for Inspection and
Testing of Components of Gas-Cooled
Plants (1992 Edition with the 1993
• Division 3: Rules for Inspection and
Testing of Components of LiquidMetal-Cooled Plants (2001 Edition
with the 2002 Addenda)
 Change
of publication cycle
 No longer on a three year Edition cycle with yearly Addenda
 Two year Edition cycle, 2013, 2015, 2017, etc.
 Code Cases published four times per year
 Documents that clarify the intent of existing Code requirements or provide
alternative requirements
 Interpretations will be posted online
 Formal written responses to written inquiries
 New
Working Groups and Task Groups
Working Group Non-Metals Repair/Replacement Activities
Task Group on Repair by Carbon Fiber Composites
Task Group on HDPE repair/replacement
Task Group Buried Components Inspection and Testing
Task Group on High Strength Nickel Alloys Issues
 Regulatory
◦ Separation of regulatory requirements
 Numerous places where Section XI contains requirements for
submitting documents to the regulatory or enforcement
authority or identifies documents that are subject to review by
those authorities
 BNCS has asked BPV XI to separate those requirements
 Remove them completely
 Move them to an Appendix
 Both the NRC and BPV XI will be working on a mutual
 BPV XI will survey international communities to see how they
might view these regulatory requirements
◦ BPV XI Top Ten List
 It has an iterative list of the top 10 changes/issues for the
committee’s consideration
 Reviewed each meeting and revised based on industry
needs and input
 Keeps committees focused
 Coordination with NRC list and the concept is gaining
more attention
 Potentially develop a Joint Operational Plan
 Industry needs and the work provided by the members
make this plan a success
Industry (cont’d)
◦ Actions Completed
 Code Case N-770-2 was revised to incorporate optimized weld
overlay and inspection of a large diameter cold leg temperature
 Code Case N-754 – optimized dissimilar metal weld overlay
used for mitigation
 Code Case N-749 – Flaw Evaluation Acceptance Criteria for
Ferritic Components based on Elastic Plastic Fracture Methods
 Code Case N-771, “On-line rules” for inservice examination
during power operation
 Still need to address Successive Examination
 Code Case N-788, Third Party NDE Certification Organization
 Third party in lieu of employer-based certification
Industry (cont’d)
◦ Develop Rules for Operational Leakage
 Phase 1 is completed which was to incorporate existing
code cases into Section XI
 Phase 2 is to define requirements to address leakage
 Phase 3 is to look into new items, techniques, and
 Phase 2 and 3 are currently being worked in parallel
Industry (cont’d)
◦ New Working Group for Nonmetals R/R Activities
 Developing a Code Case for HDPE R/R Activities
 First issuance expected in 2013; repair by electrofusion is
targeted for 2014
 Developing a Code Case for Repair of Moderate Energy
Class 2 and Class 3 Piping using Carbon Fiber Composites
 Grass roots effort - will not use Code Case N-589, but will
apply lessons learned
 First issuance targeted for 2015
 New
◦ Revision to Division 2
 A significant change was made during the year
 The change was to be able to include all reactor types
 Requirements will pertain to all reactor types
 Specific requirements for each reactor type will be
included in appendices
 Small Modular Reactors
 Implement a Reliability Integrity Management (RIM)
 The new Division 2 is expected to be published in the
2015 Edition
Revision of Division 2 (cont.)
◦ RIM (Reliability and Integrity Management)
 Plant design, inservice inspection, online monitoring
 Appropriate level of reliability of systems, structures and
components (SSC)
 Continuing assurance over the life of the plant that such
reliability is maintained
 Design and inspection or monitoring features important to
Design margins
Material selection
Maintenance, repair, replacement
Testing, monitoring, inservice inspection (ISI)
Revision of Division 2 (cont.)
◦ RIM (Reliability and Integrity Management)
 Determine Scope of SSCs for RIM Program
 Evaluate SSC Damage Mechanisms
 Determine Plant and SSC Level Reliability and Capability
Requirements (including beyond-design-basis events, if desired)
 Evaluate RIM Strategies to Achieve Reliability Targets
 Evaluate Uncertainties in Reliability Performance
 Determine Scope and Parameters of RIM Program
 Monitor SSC Reliability Performance and Update RIM Program
Ryan Crane, P.E.
Nuclear S&C Europe Liaison
[email protected]

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