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Welcome to the MSW Field
Application Meeting
for spring 2015
Chair of Social Work Department
Dr. Iris Phillips, Ph.D
Office: 812.465.1116
Email: [email protected]
Director of Field Education
Patricia Loehr ACSW LCSW
Office: 812.465.1106
Cell: 812.455.7696
Email: [email protected]
Field education faculty
Field Education
Barb Ferguson, MSSW
Cell: 812.453.0559
Email: [email protected]
Graduate Assistant for Field Education
Cory Stone, BSW
Office: 812.465.7114
Fax: 812.465.1116
Email: [email protected]
Field education faculty
Seminar Instructors/Field Liaisons
**Steve Roehm, LCSW
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: By Appointment
**There will be a different Seminar Instructor/Field Liaison for each MSW Clinical Cohort
• SOCW 611, Graduate Field Placement
-Students complete 525 hours of supervised field
experience over a 22 week period during the spring and
summer semesters.
• SOCW 612, Integrated Field Placement
Criminal Background
All MSW students are required to submit TWO criminal
background checks prior to beginning field internships!
National Background Check
• www.sentrylink.com
• Click the “criminal search” tab
• The cost is $19.95
• Local Background Check
All Background Checks are Due
November 1!!
Field Application
Your Field Application Must Include:
• A MSW II Field Instruction Application;
• A Current Resume (no more than 2 pages);
• A MSW Placement Preference Form; and
• A Placement in Agency of Employment Form (if needed).
ALL Completed Forms are Due on
October 3rd by 4:30pm!!
Agency Choice forms
• You will be provided a list of agencies in which USI has a
Field Education Affiliation.
• Just because an agency is listed, does NOT mean they will
be available for an internship during a Fall or Spring
placement. The list of agencies provided is just a starting
place and can be helpful in beginning to think about what
type of placement you may wish to pursue. Please do not
get frustrated if your first choice agency is not available and
you must move on to your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice.
• Internships can be competitive! Just because you interview
with an agency, does NOT guarantee they will choose you to
be placed with them. PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD
Field Application
• Your application is NOT complete without a current
• Please turn in all forms at one time to the Social Work
• Please do NOT use staples. It drives Cory crazy,
because she has to pull every single one of them out.
• You do not need to purchase fancy or expensive
• Just use a paperclip! 
Field Application
You may also fax (812. 465.1116) or email
([email protected]) Cory your completed
application packet. If you do so, the forms MUST
contain your actual signature.
Field Application
ALL Completed
Application Packets
are Due on October
3rd by 4:30pm!
The Field Guideline
• We will send The Field Guideline Letter to this class roughly
two weeks after Field Application Packet’s are Due.
• You must take The Field Guideline Letter to your interview with
your agency. If everything goes well, you will leave The Field
Guideline Letter with your agency. Your Field Supervisor will fill
out the paperwork and mail it back to us in the self-addressed,
stamped envelope.
• If you loose your Field Guideline Letter, extra copies are
available in the Social Work office at the front desk in a white
Release of Academic
Information Form
The Field Education Office is happy to assist students in
faxing, emailing, or otherwise sending their academic
field education information, including their criminal
background checks, to field agencies, places of
employment, or other Universities. In order to do so, we
must be provided a Release of Academic Information
form. In order to obtain this form, please contact the
Graduate Assistant for Field Education.
• Students will be placed with an agency from October through
• You will be authorized to contact your agency via your USI email.
Detailed instructions regarding the process of sending your cover
letter and resume, as well as scheduling an interview will be included
because every agency is different.
• Student interviews with Barb Ferguson are NOT mandatory! If you
have questions or concerns about field placements, you may schedule
an interview with Barb Ferguson.
• Students interview with agencies.
• Do not put off your interview until the last minute.
• Schedule as early as possible in case an alternate placement
must be found.
• Email the field director after your interview and advise as to
how the interview seemed to go.
• Do not forget to bring The Field Guideline Letter to your
Dec 17-Jan 11
Winter Break!
• NOTE: You MUST have authorization before
making contact or scheduling an interview with an
agency. Either Pati Loehr, Barb Ferguson, or Field
Education Graduate Assistant will be making
contact with you!
January 12
First Day of Field!!
January 12
• Students are responsible for scheduling their start dates with
their agencies.
• Requests to start field internships early, MUST be approved by
Barb Ferguson!
Agencies may request full criminal history background checks and drug screens.
Be prepared to comply with agency requirements. Agencies will reject field
candidates due to positive drug screens reflecting substances that are not
prescribed for the candidate by a licensed physician or practitioner.
You may be required to submit an additional criminal history check prior to field
placement. Agencies may refuse candidates based on criminal histories and/or positive
drug screens.
• Things to think about ….
• You may want to create a “ More Professional”
Facebook page.
• Also, careful about email names. I have seen
[email protected] & [email protected]
Needless to say, these are not appropriate if you are
planning to enter the professional world!

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