CBSA Project Udpates

Transportation Border Working
Montreal October 22 and 23, 2013
CBSA Project Update
Project Updates – Pacific Region
Aldergrove Border Crossing:
Redevelop, modernize and significantly expand travellers facility, and add full
commercial inspection capacity;
Preliminary project schedule anticipates completion end of 2015
The new POE facilities will include:
– 5 Travellers Primary Inspection Lanes (PIL) -Current facility has 3 PIL lanes;
– 2 Commercial PIL lanes;
– Commercial offload examination facility
The POE facilities will be constructed using the design template that the CBSA
developed for the construction of the St. Stephen, Kingsgate and Prescott POEs;
Given the site restrictions experienced at the other ports in the Cascade Region the
Aldergrove port redevelopment project represents the Agency’s best option for
meeting future volume pressures;
Aldergrove Border Crossing
Denotes Previous CBSA Property
Denotes New CBSA Property
Zero Ave.
New Realignment
Section To Be Closed
Realignment of the highway
east of the current road
Project Updates – Prairie Region
• Completion of 3 new POE facilities:
– Goodlands Manitoba (Corresponding US POE – Carbury)
– Lyleton, Manitoba (Corresponding US POE – Antler);
– Coulter, manitoba (Corresponding US POE – Westhope)
• Facilities were all constructed following a standard port footprint
Project Updates – Beyond the Border
The volume of traffic during peak periods has outpaced the capacity of the
infrastructure resulting in significant border delays for both commercial carriers
and the travelling public;
The Province of Manitoba and the State of North Dakota have undertaken a binational study to prepare a long-term plan of infrastructure and service
The largest infrastructure issue at Emerson is the queuing ability. There are
currently two lanes that cross into Canada. The CBSA building is located only
approximately 50 metres from the border and there are often bottlenecks in the
Beyond the Border (BtB) funding of $10M has been earmarked to assist the
CBSA in implementing the key recommendations from the bi-national study;
Preliminary project schedule anticipates a 2016/2017 completion
Project Updates – Beyond the Border
• Final Project Scope will be developed in consultation with the stakeholders
involved in the bi-national Emerson-Pembina study;
• Construction of dedicated
commercial lanes and removal of
the commercial trucks from the
general PIL queue during peak
periods as critical to addressing the
issue of traffic congestion and
border wait times;
• One option to address this concern
is highlighted by the dotted white
line in the aerial photo.
Project Updates – Beyond the Border
North Portal:
In recognition of the increasing importance this vital trade corridor plays in the
development and growth in the natural resource sector of the economy based in
Saskatchewan and eastern Alberta, the Government of Canada has earmarked
$10M as part of the Beyond the Border infrastructure initiative to upgrade and
modernize the port infrastructure;
The project scope will include the following considerations;
Increasing the capacity to process vehicles by adding one additional PIL lane and
supporting IT infrastructure to bring the total primary inspection capacity to 3;
Restructuring and expanding the primary inspection canopy to accommodate the additional
PIL lane; Installation of 2 bi-level PIL booths to allow flexibility to process both commercial
and travelers;
Widening of the inbound highway at the border to allow vehicles to access the PIL queue
quicker thereby reducing the instances when traffic is backed-up down the highway; and
Construction of a commercial examination facility capable of supporting a full off-load
examination of goods seeking entry to Canada
Preliminary project schedule anticipates a 2016/2017 completion.
Project Updates – Beyond the Border
The Government of Canada has earmarked $47M as part of the Beyond the
Border infrastructure initiative to expand upgrade and modernize the port
This is in addition to the previously announced $10M for the expansion and
modernization of the commercial inspection facilities;
The new POE will have 15 travellers PIL – 13 regular lanes and 2 NEXUS
• Current facility has 7 permanent PIL lanes and 2 temporary PIL lanes;
The construction of the new commercial inspection facilities will be
“integrated” into the POE facility design;
Preliminary schedule anticipates construction contract award in July 2015
with project completion in spring/summer of 2017;
Commercial facilities scheduled to be completed spring/summer 2015.
Project Updates – Small and Remote Ports
The CBSA recently announced the Small Ports Infrastructure Replacement Initiative.
Under this initiative, aging infrastructure at select small ports will be replaced with
standardized, prefabricated buildings;
This initiative will allow the Agency to quickly address immediate infrastructure needs. The
proposed design will offer both a substantial upgrade to existing infrastructure as well as
significant enhancements to operational capacity;
The capital investment at these ports aligns with the work of the bi-national working group
by ensuring that the Agency maintains service delivery capacity at small and remote land
border crossings
The following is a list of the selected sites:
• Stewart, B.C.
• West Poplar, Saskatchewan;
• Willow Creek, Saskatchewan;
• Monchy, Saskatchewan;
• Coronach, Saskatchewan
• Morses Line, Quebec;
• Forest City, New Brunswick

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