British Controlled India 27.4

British Controlled India
India was the Brightest Jewel
in the Crown
 By
1707, the Mughal Dynasty
was collapsing
 Between
1757-1857, India was
run by the British East Indian Co.
 It
was the largest exporter of
raw-materials for British industry
Effect of Colonialism
 The
British restricted Indianmade goods so theirs sold more.
 Britain
built infrastructure,
sanitation, & schools.
 But
racist attitudes & reliance on
cash crops led to oppression and
The Sepoy Mutiny 1857
 Sepoys:
Hindu & Muslim Indian
soldiers in British Army
 Religious
sacrilege causes Indian
resentment to boil over against
British rule in Northern India
 Turning
point in Indian history
Effect of the Rebellion
 Muslims,
Hindus, & Sikhs failed
to unite against the British
 British
Govt. took direct control &
put down the rebellion
 1857-1957:
The British Raj
Indian Nationalism
Throughout 1800s,
Indians demanded a
greater role in Govt.
Ram Mohun Roy called
for modernization of
Hindu & Muslim
Nationalist groups are
“The Sun Never Sets”
On the British Empire

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