Case Dinosaur Briefing

Dinosaur BBQ
 Dinosaur BBQ was recently named #1 BBQ in the nation.
 They are very successful in central NY, but want to build
more restaurants.
 They need to raise money.
 Help Dinosaur BBQ expand their BBQ sauce across the
country with people that have never heard of Dinosaur
 The Process:
 Define the problem we are going to solve
 What do we know about BBQ
 What do we know about Dinosaur BBQ
 What is the BIG IDEA?
 Write Creative Brief
 True BBQ fanatics are never 100% satisfied…
 BBQ has its own brand image.
 Started by bikers who became “too old to ride…”
 Dinosaurs
 Started making BBQ ribs at biker rallies on metal trash
 Used everything they had to open the Syracuse restaurant
 Now have restaurants in Rochester and on 125th St in
 67.8% of homemakers have used BBQ sauce within
past 6 months.
 20% considered heavy users
 No demographic major skews
 Kraft
 KC Masterpiece
 Bull’s Eye
 Over 100 brands available in US.
 African American Women 35-54 years old. High school
graduate with some post high school training, HH
income average ($52K), living in the south.
What do we want the advertising to do?
Who is our target?
What do they currently think?
What would we like them to think?
What is the single most compelling promise we can make them?
How do we make it believable?
Is there anything else worth considering that may get to great creative work?
Are there any executional mandatories?
DINOSAUR BBQ Sauce Creative Brief
Product / Brand to be advertised: Dinosaur Barbeque Sauce
Due Date: 10/17
What do we want the advertising to do?
Persuade our target that Dinosaur Barbeque Sauce is the best damn sauce in the world to stimulate retail sales in grocery
Who is our target?
BBQ lovers. These people are passionate about making the best BBQ in their neighborhood and will go out of their way to
get exotic ingredients as long as they don’t become mainstream. BBQ Bob is 27 years old, married and this is the one
domestic thing BBQ Bob does. Bob was the first to grill with real mesquite wood until it was available in any grocery store
then he was off to something different. Bob has tried every sauce out there and feels the
need to add his secret “something extra” to every store-bought brand.
What would we like them to think?
Dinosaur BBQ Sauce is the real deal; hard core BBQ for hard core BBQ'ers!
What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?
Dinosaur Barbeque Sauce. Made by Hell’s Angels for Hell’s Angels.
Why should they believe it?
100,000 bikers can’t be wrong. Or at least you’d never tell them even if they were.
Is there anything else worth considering that may help us get to great creative work?
oThere is a great story here; maybe even a legend if we play it right.
oIt’s all about what bikers do when they run out of gas.
Are there any executional mandatories?
oFull Page 4C Ad will run in Sports Illustrated.

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