Changing the Game
How People Enjoy the Outdoors !
Portable Outdoor Kitchen
Smoke, Grill, Boil, Bake, Fry
Use at Home or Tailgating, Camping, Catering,
NASCAR and so much more…that’s VALUE!
GoGalley Raises the Bar!
“Best Tailgate Rig Ever”
Meathead, AmazingRibs.com
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“Tailgate Approved”
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Voted Best Product for Functionality
2012 Hearth, Patio, BBQ Show
--Tailgate Radio
When tailgating, you want all the comforts of home. If you could transplant your entire kitchen
into the tailgating parking lot you would be one happy tailgater. Trying to bring your oven,
stove and a grill tailgating to the parking lot was nearly impossible. Introducing the GoGalley,
a completely portable instant “kitchen to go” .
Selling the most versatile
and unique kitchen in the
world is SIMPLE
Unlike any grill you’ve ever seen
Distinctive design makes it an affordable outdoor
kitchen for home or patio
Portable to take anywhere, at the press of a button
No trailer hassles – rides on vehicles suspension
Instant Kitchen anywhere – retail just $3499
GoGalley is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Dismounts in 1 minute
2. Sets Up in 2 minutes
3. Cooking in 3 minutes.
Save your valuable
vehicle storage for
personal items – not a
dirty grill…..
Press a button; powerful winch with rechargeable battery lifts and lowers GoGalley.
No more trailer hassles and rides smoothly on vehicles suspension.
GoGalley – Changes the Value Game!
An affordable outdoor kitchen for your home –retail just $3499
A fun new way to tailgate, camp, etc – take it anywhere
No more messy grill to store in your vehicle that takes up valuable storage
No more loading up a grill, smoker, deep fryer, oven
No more trailer headaches & hassles to deal with
NO MORE LIFTING - just press a button and take your kitchen anywhere
NO MORE SPENDING $6000 - $12,000 to get a mobile outdoor kitchen that
requires a trailer
• EASY ASSEMBLY (just install hood , grill pan, lift arm)
See GoGalley in Action
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GoGalley – “Kitchen to Go”
For the Home or Road
• Home Outdoor Kitchen
• Mobile Outdoor Kitchen
Add or Lower Your
Hitch Height 4”
Front Hitch
(Camping Trailers, Boaters
Only required for
Hitches Recessed up to 4”
Under Bumper
Once in “Blue Moon”….
Something Extraordinary Happens
GoGalley is unlike any grill in the world. A four burner gas grill with a serious adjustable side
burner and built in, cabinet-style smoker /oven. Double walled for a wide heat range. Smoke
your ribs, grill burgers, bake cookies, make pancakes and fry a turkey all in one portable unit.
The whole shoot’in match folds up in a box, attaches to a 2-inch hitch and has a built battery
operated winch systems that lifts it up and secures it in place with the push of a button so you
can haul it anywhere.
“It’s the best rig I’ve ever seen for tailgating”.
Meathead, AmazingRibs.com
Voted Best Product for Functionality
-2012 Hearth, Patio, BBQ Show ---Tailgate Radio
GoGalley – Product Description
The perfect grill that offers everything you would ever need and mobility to use it anywhere.
GoGalley is the world's most unique and complete "kitchen on the go." In fact, in his review of the
GoGalley, "Meathead" of AmazingRibs.com said, "It's the best rig I've ever seen for tailgating." The grill is a
well-built, full-service on the go kitchen with a built-in standard 2" hitch. The hitch allows easy hook ups to
any vehicle and a battery-powered, patent-pending winch system lifts the entire grill off of the ground with
push of a button and secures the grill on one's vehicle. GoGalley is described as a "kitchen on the go"
because it is made to accommodate a full array of cooking needs or styles—Grill, Smoker / Oven, Deep fryer
/ Boiler and Skillet with a total of 79,000 BTU’s available to get the job done right.
Built to Last With Exacting Features:
• Heavy-duty 11 gauge Steel Tubing Frame welded with long piano hinges
• Porcelain and Aluminum Cover (Double layered walls for maximum heat distribution)
• Cast Iron Grates (secured for transporting)
• Removable industrial-strength 6” Castor Wheels allows for easy rolling and fingertip wing screws to
provide easy removal of wheels for extra road clearance when transporting
• Lift - Powerful Winch (rated 2000 lbs. lift) lifts/lowers GoGalley with the touch of a button
Rechargeable 12 volt Battery
o Optional brackets are included to hold a garden tractor battery, (but not required)
Plus, the GoGalley's two stainless-steel work tables fold out in a snap and provide the perfect work surfaces
often missing in a tailgating or grilling environment. In summary, GoGalley is an outdoor cook's "dream
GoGalley - Size & Dimensions
• Full size (fully open):
Width: 125” (w/tables extended)
Hood Height : 49”
Cooking/Table Height: 37”
Deep: 24”
• Storage /Transport Size (Folds up into a secured box shape):
Width: 32.5”
Height : 49”
Deep: 41”
Vehicle clearance : 10 inches
Transports parallel to ground on vehicles suspension system
• Weight: 350lbs
Unit is auto lifted with a 2000 lbs. rated winch by simply pressing a button
(4) 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners = 48,000 for over 600 degrees
540 sq. inches + 150 sq. inch removable warming rack = 700 sq. inches cooking surface
(4) Porcelain Heat Diffusers above the 4 stainless steel burners for even heat distribution (avoid flare ups)
2 piezo ignitors (in case one fails)
Porcelain coated interior for easy cleanup (yes, you can use a power washer)
Double layered walls for maximum heat efficiency
Bimetal dial thermometer
Oil / Grease Catch Pan (removable) for easy cleanup
 25,000 BTU cast iron burner
 3 Levels (to help avoid potentially dangerous spills)
o Upper : Skillet, Wok, Griddle for frying
o Middle: Stews, Soups (simmer)
o Lower: Boil Lobster, Shrimp, Fish, Corn, etc.
 6 gallon aluminum cauldron with perforated insert for boiling
 Emergency Safety Shut Off Fuel Valve (open to close with quarter turn)
6,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner
 Solid Steel Frame, Double Walls, (2) Exhaust /Smoker Vents
 Silicone Door Gaskets
 Electronic Ignitor
 (4) Shelves: 12” Wide, 14” Long (removable)
o 8 racks of ribs, 4 whole chickens, 4 pork butts
o Bake casseroles, beans, biscuits, rolls, cookies, pizzas, etc.
o Adjust from 180 – 425 degrees for smoking on low heat and baking on high heat
o Top of smoker can be used to keep a serving platter warm
 Large water pan for humidity to keep meat moist
 Deep Cast Iron Chip Tray for smoking
Quality in Ever Detail …
Everything included except the kitchen sink!
VARIOUS KITCHEN CONFIGURATIONS (all within arm’s reach) and a total of 79,000 BTU’s:
Wide open (straight line formation)
V or U Shaped (secured by front locking wheels)
 (2) 29” large stainless steel work tables (one on each side with tool hooks)
 Large trash /garbage bag holder (convenient to help keep cooking area clean)
 Removable 6” steel castor wheels with industrial ball bearings
o Easy rolling and removable wheels to provide extra road clearance when transporting
 Heavy duty winch with autolift and locking mechanism for safe transport utilizing vehicle suspension
ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES (included standard on any GoGalley purchase)
 6 gallon aluminum cauldron with strainer insert
o Vinyl coated, water proof cover made from trap material used for hauling steel on flat beds
o Night-time reflectors for safe transport
Secure “tie down” cover straps provide “snug”fit for the road
 Main unit is already fully assembled (ships on a single pallet)
 Color pictures with easy to follow step by step instructions
 Install hood and windscreen
 Install lift arm with 4 heavy duty bolts (Allen wrench included)
 Install grill drip pan and start cooking

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