now for a quick presentation - Community Practitioners

We sell the Engager Trailer, a self-powered, all-terrain,
multimedia, stakeholder engagement, marketing and
advertising tool
Dust, moisture and water proof
Multimedia centre
Catering module
Carpeted storage
Pull out awnings on all sides
Patent pending
Register in any state or
 Compliant with all Australian
standards, manufacturing
design rules and food premises
design and safety standards
The Engager Trailer is here to add value and can be used
for a variety of purposes
 Stakeholder engagement
 Landholder consultation
 Media engagements
 Partnership launches
 Outdoor marketing
 Sporting events
 School visits
 Community fundraising
 Outdoor education
 Special events
Above: ET in
use inside
shopping centre
Right: Allterrain for
Daytime, night time, inside, outside!
The multimedia centre offers new and unrivalled space
• High quality, reputable brands
• 55inch LED Sony TV
• 2 x 200W Db Technologies
• PEAVEY mixer system
• 2x Shure HD Digital microphones
• HP laptop
• Vibration proof technology
• Lockable base (TV/speakers
operate with peace of mind
• Electric legs for levelling
• Speakers and multimedia box
detach for use indoors
Cater at any event without the painful set and pack up
• 4 burner caterer
Gasmate BBQ
• Hot water urn
• Gas and petrol detector
• Fold out bench on BBQ
• Stainless steel finish in
food areas
• Sink with hot and cold
• 200L stainless steel
• Compliant with
Australian standards for
food premises
Market your company at events or on the road, sell the
space to increase revenue
• Side panels can be directly printed (pictured) or
magnetic skins can be applied
• Pull out awnings on all three sides
• Sand pegs and sand bags provided
Massive storage area for all your needs, be ready for any
• Carpeted (marine carpet
for durability)
• Adjustable hooks to tie
down items
• Internal light
• Carry up to 500kgs
• Trolley and antenna are
provided in the standard
Pricing and rental option
Purchase outright: $49,990 (excluding GST)
Alternatively you can rent it and hand it back at the end of
the term with no residual. As an estimate a 48 month
rental option is approximately $1,413.37 per month.
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Contact us at [email protected]

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