The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester By Barbra O*Connor

The Fantastic Secret of
Owen Jester By Barbra
The Genre of the fantastic secret of Owen Jester is fantasy .This is because a couple
of kids cant roll a submarine into a pond without getting caught .Also a railroad
company would surely have been looking all over for a submarine.
The setting in The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester is totally mind
blowing this story takes place in dark dreary woods and on a murky
animal infested pond . Owen and his friends Travis and Stumpy
sometimes camp out in an old barn to stay away from Viola .All of
these places are where Owen Jester keeps his Fantastic secret from
the world !
Owen jester is a very adventures boy who is very curious .He has a pet frog named
Tooley he caught Tooley in Gram Pond he was the biggest frog in there . Owen has a
maid named Earlene who is very mean .When mom is gone Earlene takes over .
Owen wanted to make a cage for Tooley Earlene did not like it still Owen slipped out
and got his friends Travis and Stumpy to help him . They used baling wire sticks and
almost anything .Soon their arch enemy Viola came she always reuined every thing
.She always got Owen in trouble .Luckily she had no time to bother them. When they
were done they put the cage in Gram Pond .That night Owen was thinking about
Tooley to get the stress off he would listen to a train that drove by his house . But there
was something else a thud than a roll .The next morning Owen ran down to the tracks
in the brush it was red it was a submarine .Owen had to get it into the pond to look at
the animals .How will Owen get the sub into the pond!?Right off the bat Owen
wanted to get it into the pond .He asked Travis and Stumpy to help him clear a path
for the submarine to be pushed into the pond .The three of them worked for 2 days
finally they cleared a path. Now Travis or Stumpy did not want to do anything .So
Owen’s last resort was viola he knew she was smart so she would know how to get the
sub into the pond. She said she knew how she got some logs and slid them under the
sub they started to roll it and roll it soon they were only 5 yards away .Will Owen and
Viola get the sub into the pond without getting caught by anyone!?
I think The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester is good for people who
like to do hands on nature stuff . This book has a lot keeping secrets
and stuff like that for instense Owen kept a secret from every and
that secret was a submarine ! So this book will make you feel like you
are a character and really anyone would read it and love it!

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