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Turning Outward to Lead Change in
Your Community: Aspirations
Libraries Transforming Communities
The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
How to get the most out of this session
Aspirations conversation
– Experience
– Benefits and how to do at home
• Other sessions and tools for community engagement
• Evaluation
Benefits for Libraries & Library Professionals
• Repositioning libraries and library professionals as conveners
and facilitators of community innovation and change
• Bringing new tools, skill development and learning
opportunities that support enhanced capacity for community
• Demonstrated results in communities to increase their ability
to effectively work together on issues the community cares
I would describe our library’s
community engagement as:
 Just getting started; moving beyond outreach
 Off to a good start and actively exploring
 Part of how we work now
 Well established; refining our skills
About Harwood
• National nonprofit working with you to address community
challenges in a way that makes your library and community
• Proven 25-year track record
• What’s different: “Turning outward”
If you turn outward and make more intentional judgments
and choices in creating change, you will produce greater
impact and relevance in your community.
Turning Outward
An orientation toward community –
literally about the direction we are facing!
Without it, there is little chance for change.
The Turning Outward Approach:
Four Foundational Tools
Rejuvenate; make
well-being for
yourself and your
team a priority
Act intentionally
and authentically,
evaluating your
success as you go
Turn Quiz
Talk to your community,
framing the
conversation to best
understand their hopes,
challenges and
conditions for change
Approach your
work with the
community, not the
institution, at the
heart of all
discussion and
Harwood Aspirations Exercise
• Aspirations: What people will “go to bat” for
• The tool can be used for any definition of
• For today’s session: Define community as the
place where you live
Spokane County, WA
A Community Aspirations Narrative
We want a caring and supportive community with a vibrant economy, a quality
education system, and recreational and cultural opportunities for all ages. We
want safe and diverse neighborhoods where people know and talk to one
another. However, people are concerned about the businesses and jobs that
have been lost and the feeling that people don’t know their neighbors or
what’s going on in their community. People don’t feel safe and miss having a
stronger sense of community and they are looking for places and ways to
connect with each other and with information about events and services. Some
people are waiting for someone else to take action while others are willing to
take small steps to create the community they want. There are a lot of trusted
groups and organizations engaged in splintered effort to support economic
growth and community building. By creating a shared vision and collaborative
effort we could build momentum towards stronger towns and neighborhoods
where people feel welcomed and a part of the community.
More Resources & News:
More “Turning Outward” Sessions Today
• Turn Quiz (10:30 a.m. – noon): Are you “turned outward”
or “turned inward”?
• Intentionality (1 – 2:30 p.m.): Become intentional about
the choices you make, staying true to the “urge within.”
• Sustaining Yourself (3 – 4:30 p.m.) Staying motivated
means asking, “What rejuvenates me? Who rejuvenates
All sessions take place in this room, W178.
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• “Libraries Fostering Community Engagement Reception”
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on community engagement
Tonight from 5-6 p.m., HRM – Hyde Park/CC 11A
• “Leading in Times of Crisis: A Conversation with
Ferguson (Mo.) Library Director Scott Bonner”
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Keep the Conversation Going
To be part of the
conversation with
other library
professionals, go to
ALA Connect
( and
join the Libraries
Foster Community
Engagement group.
Take the Tools Home!
A Step-by-Step
Guide to “Turning
Outward” to Your
Digital and paper
available on your
way out.
Contact us or visit
Mary Davis Fournier
Deputy Director, Public Programs Office
American Library Association
[email protected]
Cheryl Gorman
Vice President of National Programs
The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
[email protected]
Carlton Sears
Certified Coach
The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
[email protected]

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