Bat Web Quest

4.13 (F19B) (F19D)
4.15AB-Students use elements of writing process to plan a first draftbrainstorming, graphic organizers, logs, journals. Organize writing into a paragraph
4.18C-Write in response to literary or expository texts to provide evidence from
text to demonstrate understanding.
Bats are very unique animals. You probably already know
that bats fly and are usually most active at night. Bats are
mammals and are separated into two main groups:
Megabats and microbats.
When you have finished this webquest, you will know
the difference between megabats and microbats. But, you
will also know many more facts about bats.
To get started on this super cool BAT Web Quest, check out this video.
Click on the link below and watch the 3 minute introduction to BATS.
Super Cool Bat Video
After watching the BAT Video, use the RED cube
and write 6 new facts you learned about bats.
If you did not pay attention the first time you viewed
the video, go back and watch it again.
A food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community (an ecosystem)
to obtain nutrition. A food chain starts with the primary energy source, usually the sun or
boiling-hot deep sea vents. The next link in the chain is an organism that make its own food
from the primary energy source -- an example is photosynthetic plants that make their own
food from sunlight (using a process called photosynthesis) and chemosynthetic bacteria
that make their food energy from chemicals in hydrothermal vents. These are called
autotrophs or primary producers.
You can also click on the link below to read more about the food chain of the bat.
After reading about food chains, it is now time to create a
food chain of the bat. Using strips of gray paper, given to
you by your teacher, you will create the Food Chain of a
bat using the information below.
Check out the following links. Then, after thoroughly reading each site,
Complete TASK #3 on the next page.
Myths vs Facts About Bats
13 Incredible Bat Facts
Bat Information
Use the YELLOW Biography Cube and create a BIOGRAPHY CUBE about
bats. Use the following information to complete each side of the cube.
Side #1 LOCATION . Where can bats be found. You must list at least 2 locations.
Side #2 FOOD. What do bats eat?
Side #3 HELPFUL. How are bats helpful the environment?
Side #4 CLASSIFICATION. What are the two classifications of bats?
Side #5 MYTHS. List at least 5 myths about bats.
Side #6 FACTS. List at least 5 facts about bats.
Use a sheet of paper to write an article, for the newspaper, attempting
to sell a bat to somebody. Your article must include the following the
Information from your Biography Cube. Your article must also include:
• Habitat of bats
• Why a bat would make a good pet
Before you write your article, you must complete a Graphic Organizer to
organize your thoughts and help determine what information you
will include.

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