"Casey at the Bat" (Poetry)

Quiz Bowl
“Casey at the Bat” pages 650-652 from HRW textbook
1. We will read the poem aloud together.
2. There will be 6 multiple choice questions (1 pt. each) and
1 constructed response question as a 2-pt. Bonus
3. The points that your group receives will be added to your
poetry quiz grade on Wednesday.
Question 1:
• At the beginning of “Casey at the Bat,” why
are the Mudville fans in despair? (RL.8.3)
– A. The Mudville team was winning by a landslide.
– B. Casey hurt his leg.
– C. The Mudville team was losing.
– D. One of the Mudville teammates died during
the game.
Questions 2:
Why did the crowd shout “Fraud!”? (RL.8.6)
• a. They agreed with the umpire’s call, “Strike
• b. They thought that Casey had stolen home
• c. They disagreed with the umpire’s call, “Strike
• d. They thought the pitcher missed Casey’s
Question 3:
3. In which line does the author use personification to
show the crowd’s perspective on Casey? (RL.8.6)
• a. “The score stood four to two, with but one inning
more to play.”
• b. “Five thousand tongues applauded when he wiped
them on his shirt.”
• c. “No stranger in the crowd could doubt ‘twas Casey
at the bat.”
• d. “From the benches black with people, there went up
a muffled roar.”
Question 4:
The form of this poem was chosen to: (RL.8.3)
• a. explain the rules of baseball to people who
attend games
• b. inform readers about the dangers of
attending games
• c. argue that umpires always make unfair
• d. narrate the story about a well-liked
baseball player
Question 5:
What is the MAIN effect that the repetition in
the last two lines of the second to last stanza
has on readers? (RL.8.3)
• a. It conveys the idea of slow motion.
• b. It conveys a mood of hopelessness.
• c. It conveys a feeling of boredom.
• d. It conveys an impression of well-being.
Question 6:
• In line 10, what does “pudding” refer to?
– A. a dessert
– B. a good player
– C. a lousy player
– D. a tired player
Question 7:
• What can readers infer about Casey’s frame of
mind as he comes up to bat? (RL.8.1, RL.8.5)
– There was ease in Casey's manner as he stepped
into his place; There was pride in Casey's bearing
and a smile lit Casey's face. And when, responding
to the cheers, he lightly doffed his hat,

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