PowerPoint by Anna McKenzie
4th Period
•311 pages
•Author-Suzanne Collins
•Published in 2003
•Gregor- the new found rescuer of the Underland
•Boots-Gregors little sister who finds the Underland
•Vikus-The ruler of the humans in the Underland
•Luxa-Princess of the Underland
When Gregos’ little sister Boots falls threw the vent in the
laundry room he has no choice but to go after her. Thinking that
his sister was just sitting in the vent Grego was in for a big
surprise. When he goes in to the vent after her he falls and falls
and falls for what seems like forever, when he finally reaches the
bottom he can’t belive his eyes. There are people, rats, spiders,
cockroaches and bats. Now we’re not talking about your normal
little spiders, cockroaches, or rats that we know, the animals
down there are bigger than the humans. He finds out that his
dad, who one day just disappeared, had been down there also
and had been captured by the rats. To get to his dad he must kill
the king of the rats but getting to him will a treacherous journey
in it’s self. Can he kill the king and save his dad? Or will he be
killed in the process?
Well the bat was the most friendly to the humans. (The rats were the
worst that’s the scale.)I gave this book a four out of four because I
thought that the description made it feel like you could be walking
around with the characters and also because I couldn’t put it down. I
think anyone that likes adventure and suspense would like this book!!

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