Parent Meeting Power Point

Elite Baseball Program
Coach Introductions
Coach Durham
Coach Gantt
Coach Williams
Coach Leopard
Coach Sanchez
Entrust in the coaches- Give us 100% support!
 Parents
 You expect 100% out of us and that is what we expect out of the kids!
 Be the player’s support system. I and the assistant coaches will push
them extremely hard in practice in order to succeed in games.
 Unfortunately, baseball is the only sport where we cannot freely sub
players in and out of games. Please understand that as coaches will
evaluate players at practice and determine who will give this team the
best chance to win.
 Please do not badmouth other players and the coaches at home in
front of your child. Players will bring that with them when they come
to school and practice.
The coaching staff and I will have high expectations of
the players.
This means that they need to have the mindset of
coming into the baseball season with the intention of
being at every practice and game and giving every bit
of effort they can possibly give from themselves and
for their team!
At no point and time should a player feel as if baseball
season is just something I do on the side or I am doing
it for someone else.
Either they want to be out here and succeed or they
need to find something else to do.
 Games are won because of hard work at practice, time in the
weight room, and mental toughness.
 Baseball is not like football or basketball where the largest and
fastest teams win, although that helps. Baseball games are won
because a team believes in themselves, their teammates, and will
never give in or give up no matter what stands in front of them.
Life Lessons
 I want these kids to learn from their experiences in baseball.
 If they are on time to practice then they will be on time to work
when they get out of school
 If they work with one another for one common goal now then
they will do the same in the work force
 If they learn to respect the coaches and one another then they
will respect their bosses and co-workers.
C-Team Program
JV Program
Coach Leopard
Coach Williams
The Program
1994, 1999, 2012 District Champions
 1973 ,1994 ,2004 Conference Champions
 1973, 1994 Upper State Finals Appearances
1973 State Runner Up
Coaches/Parents Recreation Clinic
 Saturday, January 31st at 1 pm
 Any parent in our program is welcome to attend
 Players cannot attend!!!!
Catchers Clinic
 If any player is interested in catching this year please see Coach Gantt
and Coach Durham following this meeting
Pancake Breakfast
 Saturday, March 14th- 7 am-10am
 All levels will be involved
50-Inning Game
 Saturday, April 11th- 10 am
 Sponsor sheet can be downloaded, filled out, and emailed back to me.
 Minimum 20 households. Stay away from local businesses unless they
are family or close friends.
 Tell friends and family to come!!
 This is a goal EVERY year and should be a standard in this program
Awards Night- TBD
Picture Day- TBD
Athletic Policy vs. Baseball Team Rules
 Everything in the athletic policy applies
 Absent from practice (unexcused)
 Sit one game
 Sit two games
 Possible Dismissal
 Late to Practice (unexcused)
 For every minute they are late is two poles
 Once they are 10 minutes late it is an unexcused absence
 The second time they are late the poles are doubled per minute
 The third time they are late they will sit out a game!
 Profanity
 At no time am I to hear profanity.
 If it is heard then player will run the Base Circuit after practice for every
word that is inappropriate
 If this becomes an ongoing problem then it may warrant dismissal
 Disrespect
 If you disrespect the coaching staff then depending upon the severity it
may warrant dismissal otherwise the player will run the Base Circuit
Teacher Email
If I receive an email from a teacher the player will run 5
poles at the end of practice
If a player gets ISS then the player will run the Base
Circuit following practice the day he served ISS
This counts as an unexcused absence
 This falls under the unexcused absence policy
 If a player receives OSS then he will be suspended the
amount of games equal to the amount of days he received
OSS up to three.
 Favorites
 I show favoritism!
 My favorites are the ones that show up every day to practice, work as hard as they
can, and always do what is asked of them without excuses or complaining!
 Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco
 Drug and Alcohol use during a baseball event or trip will result in immediate
dismissal from the team. If a player is arrested for drug or alcohol possession outside
of baseball or school will immediately be dismissed as well.
 Tobacco use while at or on a baseball event or at school will result in a one game
suspension. The second time will result in dismissal.
 Player Ejections
 If a player is ejected during a contest they will be suspended minimum of the next
two games and an additional game by the baseball program.
 If there is malicious contact it is also a minimum of two games with an additional
game by the baseball program, but if it is with an umpire they could possibly be
suspended the remainder of the year.
 In the case of an altercation on the field, if any player leaves the dugout they will be
suspended a minimum of two games and an additional game by the baseball
 If a player is ejected from a game twice in a season then they will be dismissed from
the team.
 Spectators
 During a game all spectators are to show sportsmanship at all times.
 You will be removed if the umpire feels they are being threatened in any way.
 Remember, just because you do not use profanity towards an umpire does not mean
you cannot be removed from the contest.
Website Overview
 Can link to physical forms, Athletic Policy, Parent/Player Agenda,
Email Notifications, Pre-Season Tournament Info, Spring Break
Tourney Info, Game casts, Varsity and JV Schedules, Stats, Rosters,
and Awards and Records
Booster Club
 Representative from Booster Club
 Join the Booster Club!
Field Work Days
 February 7th?
 Players need to be able to SUCCESSFULLY juggle academics and
athletics. When they take on the responsibility of participating in
sports they are accepting the task of being able to do both very well.
Academics are the most important thing BUT missing practice due
to making up work or extra credit shows that they are not using
their time wisely. THEY NEED TO BE AT PRACTICE!!
 They have 30 minutes every day as well as 20 minutes for lunch to
meet with teachers to get extra help, make up work, or complete
extra credit. Teachers are also willing to meet in the mornings
before school. Students with late arrival or early dismissal need not
tell me they need to stay after school for extra credit or make up
work UNLESS it is the only time they can meet. Use these options
 Parents please use all options before deciding to pull your son from
the team due to grades (examples: cell phones, cars, video games,
 No one is allowed to practice until a physical form is turned in and
signed off by a doctor
 Take care of that now!! No physical by the start of practice counts
as an unexcused absence
 If your child has any medical conditions then the coaches need to
be aware of it. Also if your son has asthma they need to be
responsible to pick up their inhaler from the office everyday before
practice or a game.
 I will email players a practice schedule by 12 pm every day. They need to
notify me before 12 pm if they are getting help after school or have an
Players are to wear their practice pants, shirt, long sleeve shirt, socks, and
baseball hat to practice everyday! They are not to alter their practice or
game uniforms in any way! They are not to wear sweat shirts or hoodies
during practice.
If practice or a game is cancelled due to rain then I will try and have it
announced by 2:45 so that players can call for rides
Players need to make every effort possible to be at practice if they do not feel
well. I understand if they are vomiting and cannot keep anything down but
if they have the sniffles or a slight tummy ache then they need to be at
practice. Parents please help me in this matter!
Practices will be over between the times of 6:00 – 6:15 if a practice starts at 4
pm and between 5:45-6:00 if we begin at 3:45. Please have a ride ready for
your son when practice ends.
Prom (if applicable)
 We could possibly have a game the day of prom. If we are at home
we can decide the time but if we are away we have no control of that.
 Just FYI!!!
Dugouts, Locker Rooms, Hotel Rooms, Field
 Parents are not to be in any of these areas at any time unless asked by
a coach.
 The possibility of cuts may occur this year based on numbers. We
can only dress a certain number of players. I may also cut if we feel
that the person could possibly be hurt based upon their skill set. If
your child is cut please understand that it is not personal it is just that
they may need to work harder or it may mean they need one more
year of improvement. Please speak to your child before cuts and
make them understand this.
 It seems like this has become the easy thing to do this day and time.
 Quitting is not the answer to not having much playing time or that
someone beat you out for a position.
 Parents please talk to your child that they need to work hard and
compete to win a spot or to earn more playing time.
 Dedication to the program!
Playing Time and Meetings
 The assistant coaches and I will not discuss playing time
 We will be more than happy to discuss things your son can work on in
order to improve.
We evaluate every day at practice the skills and attitude your son shows.
We could possibly change the position your son may want to play but
understand we are doing this to try to put them in a position to play
We will not meet with parents before or after a game.
You need to email me or Coach Sutherland if you would like to meet and
we will let you know the best time for us to do this.
 I will let the players know when they are to report to the school or field
for games the day before
Please do not attempt to talk to the players during a game or once the
player is on the field preparing to begin the game. They have been told
not to talk to anyone outside the dugout so do not take it personally if
they do not respond to you
Parents are reminded that once the game begins they do not need to be
handing food to the players. This is not good for the player to eat during
the game. Thank you for your cooperation.
We need people to help in the concession stand. There is no Varsity/JV
or JV/ C-Team DH’s so hopefully this works out better. If there is a home
game being played and your child is not on that team please help in the
concession. This money comes back into the program and everyone
needs to help.
All players will ride the bus to and from away games. In the case where
you have an emergency and the child needs to leave with you then please
give the coaches 24 hour notice and you will need to sign a form stating
they are leaving with you. The player can only leave with a parent!
 You are responsible for cleats, gloves, batting gloves (black, gray, or
white), helmet (all black), long sleeve shirt (black), and personal bat if
they choose.
 Cleats need to be black- Can have some VEGAS Gold, white, or gray on
the shoe.
 I will be distributing the players practice uniform so they will not need to
have their own pants. Varsity will be wearing white pants and black
jersey and JV will be wearing gray pants and gray jersey.
 We will have bats, catcher’s gear, and game uniforms
 I have order forms from Dillard’s Sporting Goods of equipment that can be
ordered. This form needs to be turned in with payment by Friday, February
 Heath Major is the certified athletic trainer at Pendleton High
School. All of the coaches have his number and if there is an
emergency or injury then he will be contacted immediately if we
are at home.
 If your child gets injured during practice then the staff will
assess the injury and take care of it as best we know how. We
will not take chances and in most situations the athletic trainer
will be notified followed by the parent.
 During away games the other school should have an athletic
trainer available during games. If not then we will assess the
injury and notify the parent if they are not present at the game.
 During a game please do not come out on the field unless one of
the coaches has motioned for you to come out. When parents
come out onto the field it tends to shake up the player more
because he may see how you react.
 I will wash all game and practice uniforms. These uniforms
along with hats should never leave the locker room.
 I would like for parents of each class to get together and think
about a class project for the field.
 There is a work day February 7th
 We play and practice as a team. No one will wear different
clothing that is why I give out practice uniforms.
 No one will outcast himself during practice.
 Hair will not hang out the front of the hat at all!
 Hair can be out of the hat on the sides no farther than halfway
down the ear and hair in the back does not need to be
touching their shirt.
 Players can have facial hair but it needs to be trimmed cleanly
including sideburns.
 I will not put up with sorry attitudes. Our success is
dependent upon kids showing up ready to work everyday!
Monday, February 2nd
 Practice begins at 4 pm
 This means we start bat cals at 3:45 SHARP!
 Make sure you wear baseball pants, cleats, long sleeve shirt, hat,
and bring your baseball glove
Spring Break
 We are participating in a Spring Break Tournament in Myrtle
Beach, SC from March 30th-April 3rd. It is called the Mingo Bay
Spring Break tournament. The team will stay at the Kingston
Plantation in North Myrtle Beach. I have placed Villa rates on the
website if you are interested in going.
Cell Number- Coach Durham 864-642-5706
Coach Leopard
Do not call after 9 pm unless it is something that just cannot
wait until the next day!
These numbers are for emergencies only and when you or a
player are contacting me about missing a practice (Texting
is preferred)
These numbers are not to call about stats that were wrong
in the paper, etc.
Email- [email protected] (Preferred!)
There are a few jobs that we will need assistance
with this coming season:
Scorebook (Varsity and JV)
 Game by Game player stats (Varsity and JV)
 I-Score (Varsity)
 Music and Announcing (Varsity, JV, and C Team)
The following forms need to be completed and
returned (preferably tonight)
 Parent Permission to participate
 Student/Parent Contract
 Concussion Form
 Medical Information Sheet

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