Lava Tubes

Lava Tubes
• Kacey McCallister
To Examine and understand:
• Formation of lava tubes
• Where Oregon Lava tubes came from
• Features located in Oregon lava tubes
Area Map
• Lava tubes mostly
south of bend but
within the:
• Newberry Volcanic
Newberry volcano
Erupting near bend 80,000 years ago
Horse Lava Tube System
Formation of the lava tubes
Arnold Lava tube system
Classic lava cave shape
A classic keyhole shape with
different levels, caused by:
Mechanical weathering
Arnold ice cave
-Due to the ability of
lava tubes to be a
great insulator once
water percolates into
the lava tubes and
-Sometimes it
completely fills the
-Used for it’s ice.
• Breakdown is one of the
best ways to discover a
lava tube.
• Area of lava tube ceiling
that has collapsed
– Pre cooling
– Ice destruction
– Water erosion
Lava bombs
• Rolled on the top of
the lava tube flow
• Sometime they will
exit through a window
leaving these bomb
like structures
Wind cave
• Super heated gas on
top of the Lava flow
• Melts the ceiling of the
lava tube
• Shark tooth
– Layers of lava over time
• Splash
• Tubular
– Gas escapes through
the middle of tube
Sand castles
• Ash from Mount.
Mazama percolates
into lava caves.
• Waters drips down
forming these peaks
and vallys
Thousands of years to create
And now…………………………….
• Drum roll please………
Bat cave
Braided flows
• Most lava flows intertwine like braided
• They also interact with older flows to form
• Bat cave shows two layers
• Lava tubes need a very basaltic flow to form
• Classic flows include
– Smooth even sides
– Occasional breakdowns
– Braided flows
• Special flows contain
– Lavacilcles
– Lava bombs
– Sand castles

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