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Over The Line
Rules Modified for Hilltop High School
Physical Education
Dr. Butler
May 2012
History: OTL
 Over-the-line was first played in
Mission Beach, San Diego,
California in the 1950s and
continues to thrive in the area.
A physical education activity at
local high schools.
Annual tournament held on Fiesta
"OMBAC World Championship
Over The Line Tournament",
organized by Old Mission Beach
Athletic Club, is a prominent event
in San Diego's beach sports life.
Over 1200 teams.
Over 60,000 fans and spectators
Description: OTL
 Modified softball game
played with a bat and ball.
Traditionally played in sand
at Fiesta Island.
There is a batter, pitcher
and fielders.
No running of bases.
Focus is on fun and
interactivity with other
team members.
Rules: OTL
 Pitcher is on same team as
the batter.
 Batter has (3) chances to hit a
ball in fair territory.
 Boundaries of game are long
and narrow.
 An out is earned when (a) the
ball is caught in the air, or (b)
batter fails to bat a ball in fair
territory within (3) attempts
when up to bat.
Scoring Rules: OTL
 1 – Point for each ball that is
batted and lands in fair
territory without being
caught (dropped balls count
as a point).
 4 – Points for each ball hit
over the last outfielder’s head
that lands in fair territory.
 If three outs are not earned,
switch infield/outfield after 2
rotations through batting
Strategy: OTL
 Offense: Pitch ball softly at
waste level of batter (be
sure to pitch from the side,
out of the way).
 Offense: Vary batting
placement - barely over
the line, close to the
sidelines, and for distance.
 Defense: Disperse fielders
based on perceived striking
ability and aim of each
Safety Cues: OTL
 Pitcher stay safe! Stand to
the side, well away from
the bat.
 Don’t throw the bat!
People waiting turn to bat
stay well away from batter.
 Fielders pay attention!
Watch not only the for the
ball from your team, but
for stray balls from other

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