Center of Gravity - knotts

Matt Quirk
Point at the center of an object’s weight
distribution, where the force of gravity can be
considered to act
Stability depends on the location of the center
of gravity
Baseball bat
A baseball follows a smooth parabolic path
Baseball bat does not, wobbles
Point however stays on parbolic path even though
rest of bat does not
Motion of bat is sum of two motions:
 a spin around the point
 Movement through the air where all the weight is
concentrated at one point.
This is the center of gravity.
Center of gravity of an object is the point
located at the object’s average position of
On a baseball bat, more weight at one end than the
other – heavier end
Objects made out of different materials have a
different center of gravity
 Ex. Baton – heavier on one side
Why is the Center of Gravity of a baseball bat
not at its midpoint?
A baseball bat is heavier at one end than the
other so therefore, the center of gravity will be
closer to one end of the baseball bat.

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