The Night Sky

The Night Sky
The Moon, stars and other objects in the sky.
What do you think we
can see in the night
This is the night sky seen
through a telescope.
What do you see?
This is a telescope.
Scientists use a telescope to look at
the night sky.
The Milky Way Galaxy
The Moon
A close-up of a constellation:
This constellation is called Pleiades, or the
Seven Sisters. Can you see the seven stars
in this constellation?
The Big Dipper
This group of stars is easy to recognize in
the night sky.
The planet Venus
Hale-Bop Comet
Comets and meteor showers can be seen in the night sky.
We see clouds during the day and we can see clouds at
night. There are always clouds somewhere in Earth’s sky.
If you look at the night sky you can sometimes see a
satellite passing overhead.
They do not look like this picture when we see them in the
night sky.
They look like a small dot of light moving slowly across the
This is a weather satellite.
A bat in the night sky
Bats, birds, and insects can be seen in
the night sky.
An airplane in the night sky
This picture shows the Moon and the lights from an
airplane flying in the night sky. The airplane looks like a
streak of light in the sky.
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