EDUC 131 Interview PP Bre` Chambers

My Interview with
Dr. Kenneth
Bre’ Chambers
He is my granduncle
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Graduate from Meharry Medical College in 1959
Practiced medicine for 40 years
One of the very few African American doctors in
Charlotte, NC in the 1960s and 1970s
Dr. Kenneth Chambers
• “I attended medical school at Meharry Medical College in
Nashville, TN. I graduated in 1959 and finished my
residency in obstetrics and gynecology in Harlem, NY in
Where did you attend
Medical School?
• “Study, study, study! Do your homework and always ask
for help. If you don’t understand anything get help! There
is nothing worse than being a confused medical student.
Medical school can be stressful, but anything is possible.
It is all worth it at the end.”
Any tips about medical
“It was a blessing. Not everyone was able to practice medicine.
Discrimination was absolutely prevalent. It’s sad how the color of
your skin can stop you from being a doctor or in any case
What was it like to be
African American doctor
in Charlotte, NC during
the 1960s and 1970s?
• “Well it just makes you more determined to become an
OBGYN. There is always going to be struggles so you
just overcome them and do what you have to do.”
How did it feel to be
discriminated against?
• “Well, everyday can be a different experience. Some days
would be stressful, some would be good, and then some
would just be ok. It is not really a way to describe the
day. As an OBGYN, you have to be flexible and be ready
for anything.”
What was your typical
day like?
• “Family is important! As a doctor, you have to learn how
to prioritize your time. You can not revolve your life just
around medicine. Even though you can get a call about a
delivery late at night, you have to understand that is your
job and not your life. To be a doctor, you must have a
love for medicine.”
What was it like to
balance personal life and
being a doctor?
• “Don’t let anyone stop your dream. If you want
something in life, you have to strive for it. Nothing comes
easy. It might seem cliché, but every day there is someone
trying to strive for your same goal and working just as
hard as you or even harder to get there.”
Any take away tips?

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