Schooled . By , Paul Langan .

Schooled .
Paul Langan .
Bre’aisa G .
“What ? You want some, little man ?”
Pg. 22
Lionel was with a large crowd of people and then here
comes Steve, talking about “I hope you brang an extra
pair clothes with you cause I’ma wipe this court up
with you.” this is when the first conflict came, and
Lionel friend Dontrell was there so Lionel said to his
friend, hold this for me”, and handed his English book
to him, then they fought on the court to see who
could beat who in basketball, this explains that Lionel
will do what he has to do to prove something, and he
won’t back down .
“I'm talking to you ! Where you going .”
Pg. 132 .
There was a car, the driver along with three other
guys one night, and Lionel was all alone , and the
other guys was trying to start trouble with Lionel ,
he tried to walk away, but the guys hopped out of
the car and jumped Lionel 4 against 1 .

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