What is the EIPP Standards Advisory Board?

Thinking of Joining the
EIPP Standards Advisory Board?
An introduction to the EIPP Standards Advisory Board
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Your Contacts
Rod Agona, INTTRA
Executive Officer, EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Steve Glickman, INTTRA
Secretariat, EIPP Standards Advisory Board
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment
Recipients of ocean shipping services who receive and pay invoices
from Billers
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Ocean Freight Industry EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Providers of ocean shipping services who invoice their customers for
those services
Steen Erik Larsen
Sven Noffke
Andreas Krueger
Juerg Bandle
Maersk Line
Hamburg Süd
DHL Global
Kuehne + Nagel
Executive Officer
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Rod Agona, INTTRA
Steve Glickman, INTTRA
Valerie Rainey, INTTRA
Member Organizations
• Hamburg Süd
• Hapag-Lloyd
• Maersk Line
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Agility Logistics
BDP International
CEVA Logistics
DB Schenker
DHL Management
Geodis Wilson
JF Hillebrand IT BV
Kuehne + Nagel
Rohlig blue-net GmbH
Benefits of EIPP Standards
Reduced implementation costs
– Both among and within enterprises
– Through the reuse of common components
Greater choice of commercial software
– Generic, lower cost data input and output tools
– A standard target for off-the-shelf business software
– Standardized training resulting in many skilled workers
– An easier learning curve because implementers need master just one format
Reduced effort of integration
– Simplified interfaces to services
Lower cost of entry
– Allows adoption by smaller enterprises
– Enables critical mass of adoption
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
What is the EIPP Standards Advisory Board?
The Ocean Freight Industry EIPP Standards Advisory
Board was established by INTTRA in 2010 and
includes executives representing the leading ocean
carriers and their customers.
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
What is the EIPP Standards Advisory Board?
• Provide an independent, collaborative forum for, and driven by,
industry participants
• Shape electronic invoicing for the ocean freight industry
• Create standards for business process and data exchange
Mission Statement:
“Our mission is to lead the ocean freight industry, as a community, towards
greater efficiency in Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment
through standardization and automation.”
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Goals and Objectives
Understand standards and regulations for electronic invoicing
Influence standards and regulations for electronic invoicing
Make the industry more efficient with regards to dispute management
To become the recognized authority on ocean EIPP standards
Identify and develop electronic invoicing and payment requirements
Determine the implementation of current standards used by the industry
Develop implementation guides of existing standards
Determine and prioritize the adoption of future standards used
by the industry
Develop new standards based on best practices
Provide ongoing governance of the work items
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
EIPP SAB Charter
• A initial Charter was developed
by founding members
• This defines the basic
constitution of the group
• A copy of the Charter is
available upon request
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Basic Operating Principles
• Facilitate discussions to reach decisions that benefit
the industry
• Fast moving, collaborative environment
– Focus on results within bounds of Charter
– Publish two to three industry EIPP standards as early as possible
• Staff leadership positions with proactive individuals
that can dedicate time to the initiatives
• Adapt existing standards before designing new
– Suggest enhancements to existing standards
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Why Participate in an EIPP Standardization Initiative?
The cost of doing nothing…
• Increasing variation in your processes over time
• Increased competence requirements requiring more
training and slower on-boarding of staff
• Limited reuse of IT components, with resulting suboptimisation of investments
• Slow and inefficient execution on EIPP partnering, as all
integrations are new “greenfield projects”
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Why Participate in an EIPP Standardization Initiative?
• Industry standards are being jointly developed and
adopted by carriers and their customers
• There is a commitment from members to support the
standards developed
• Member organizations can choose
to use the standards or not
• Your organization can influence
standards used by the industry
• Excellent networking opportunities
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Don’t be left behind.
What is Expected of Members?
The success of the EIPP Standards Advisory Board depends on the
active participation of every member. We expect you to:
Join the EIPP Standards Advisory Board Community Site, establish your
profile, check the site for important information, and use to collaborate
Attend and participate in two annual face-to-face plenary meetings
(typically held in April and November)
Vote in annual elections for Supervisory Board positions
Join and actively participate in one or more work teams
Pay annual membership fee of €10,000 after a sixmonth trial period
Once comfortable, recruit new members through your
industry contacts
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Work Teams
There are two active work teams charged with developing standards:
Messages and Codes
•Information Requirements Analysis
•Process component analysis
•Logical Message Structure
•Functional Decomposition
•Common understanding of data elements
•Gap Analyses vs. messaging
•Implementation Standards / Guides
•Standard flows, deviations/exceptions
•Standard Code Sets
•Process dependencies and sequences
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
• Past Results
Completed our first official message standard (ocean invoice) in 2012
Published an Implementation Guide for members and the industry at large to follow
Standard includes a logical data schema of the message
Standardized various codes for the message such as a set of charge codes
Prioritized message and process standards topics to maximize member participation
• Current Focus
Shift focus from presentment to payment messages (remittance advice)
Validate invoice message with process standardization / assumptions
Drive process best practices for EIPP
Submit EDIFACT IFTFCC change requests to the UN/CEFACT organization
• Membership
Grew and sustained membership from about 10 companies to about 24 companies
Recruited leading EU-based carriers to drive biller-side participation
Secured participation from very large FF customers to collaborate with the carriers
Formed a government
Evolved into a self-funded organizational model
Held 2x/year meetings in various European locations with excellent attendance
Develop neutral website to face public
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Our Next General Meeting
• Monday, 26 November
– Welcome Dinner
• Tuesday, 27 November
– Day 1: New Member Orientation and Plenary Meeting
• Wednesday, 28 November
– Day 2: Work Team Sessions
Location to be determined, likely Hong Kong or Singapore
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Next Steps
• Agree to terms of the SAB Charter
• Register on our community site (Ning)
• Plan to attend our November meeting
• Find the right people to contribute
• Join our work teams
• Catch up on existing work products
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Rod Agona
Executive Officer
Ocean Freight Industry EIPP Standards Advisory Board
EIPP Standards Advisory Board
Managing Director, EIPP
[email protected]

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