Viscosity and the real world

Viscosity and the real world
BLM 8-12
1. A straw that is served with a soft drink is usually
different from a straw served with a milkshake.
Explain how and why the straws are different.
A straw that is served with
a milkshake has a larger
diameter than the one
served with the soft drink.
A milkshake is more
viscous than a soft drink so
a larger straw is needed in
order to “suck up” an
adequate amount to drink.
2. (a) If you had to design a pipeline to transport molasses from one part of
a factory to another, how would the diameter of the pipeline for molasses
differ from the diameter of the water pipes in the factory? Why?
(a) The pipeline
for the molasses
would be larger
than the one for
the water
because the
molasses is more
(b) What could you do to make the
molasses flow more quickly?
The pipe might
also be heated
in order to
reduce the
viscosity of the
molasses so it
will flow more
3. (a) Some viscous liquids come in squeeze bottles. Identify several
examples and list them here.
3. (a) Several
viscous liquids are
available in
squeeze bottles,
including chocolate
syrup, nacho
cheese sauce,
ketchup, etc.
(b) Does this type of bottle make it easier or harder to
use the product? Explain your answer.
(b) This type of bottle
makes it easier to use the
product because you do
not have to wait for the
product to flow out of the
bottle. You can give the
product a “push” by
squeezing the bottle, which
compresses the product
and forces it out of the
bottle more quickly.

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