Care and Compassion

Care and Compassion
Daljit Athwal, RGN, RSCN, RHV, MBA
Programme Lead – CNO
NHS England
Leicestershire Lincolnshire Area
19 June 2013
Change, change and more change!!
A reform is a correction of
abuses; a revolution is a
transfer of power.
Robert Bulwer-Lytton
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Why does the NHS need compassion?
Great-grandmother suffered as a result of a catalogue of failures during a fourweek period at the hospital, including not having enough fluids, which led to her
death from dehydration.
Silent scandal on wards for the elderly: Three female
hospital carers arrested and department shut after
'cruel abuse' of geriatric patients
Mother's horror as nurse tapes dummy in mouth of her premature baby boy
Unacceptable failures by hospitals to meet older
people's nutritional and dignity needs have been
uncovered by the Care Quality Commission
Poor treatment of older people in the NHS is an attitude problem
Rude, arrogant, lazy: Patients' verdict on NHS staff
as two in three tell of poor care
Mid Staffordshire Public Inquiry
Mid Staffs was extreme – the dynamics are everywhere
“NHS Staff should not distance
themselves from what happened in
Stafford or reassure themselves that
they would have done things
differently, and that the same
failings could not happen
Don Berwick
Winterbourne View
The evidence around compassion
• Care and Compassion – Health Service Ombudsman 2011
• Undercover – North Manchester and Winterbourne
• CQC – Dignity and Nutrition Inspections
• Patients Association – Patient Stories Reports (2009-2012)
• The Willis Commission Report – Quality with Compassion
Don Berwick – Normalisation of deviance
Normalisation of
Philip Zimbardo (2007) – Lucifer Effect
'If you put good apples into a bad situation, you'll get bad
Mindlessly taking the first small step
Dehumanisation of self (anonymity)
Diffusion of personal responsibility
Blind obedience to authority
Uncritical conformity to group norms
Passive tolerance through inaction or indifference
To what extent do you recognise these in your own
The NHS touches our lives
at times of basic human
need, when care and
compassion are what
matter most
NHS Constitution
“If you want others to be
happy, practice
compassion. If you want
to be happy, practice
Dalai Lama
Its called Compassion when …………..
co = together
passion=Strong Feeling
“when we see someone in distress and feel their pain as if it
was our own, and then strive to eliminate or lessen their
pain, then this is compassion”
• Deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with
the wish to relieve it
• Empathy, as most people know, is the ability to put oneself
in the other person's place. Although compassion and
empathy are two separate things, having compassion for
someone can lead to feeling empathy for another person.
Our opportunity…..improving experience
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what
you did, but people will never forget how you made them
feel” - Maya Angelou (American author)
Building your resilience (Zimbardo)
I made a mistake
I am mindful
I am responsible
I am Me, the best I can be
• I respect Just Authority
• I can oppose Unjust Authority/Systems
• I want group acceptance BUT value my independence
• I will be more Frame Vigilant
• I will balance my Time Perspective
Compassion In Practice
Nursing, Midwifery and
Care Staff vision
• increase in respect for
the profession
• increase pride in role
• improve quality of care
and patient experience
3 year strategy
Implementation Plans
• 1. Helping people to stay
independent, maximise well being
and improving health outcomes.
• 2. Working with people to provide a
positive experience of care.
• 3. Delivering high quality care and
measuring the impact.
• 4. Building and strengthening
• 5. Ensuring we have the right staff,
with the right skills in the right place.
• 6. Supporting positive staff
6Cs Live
"It is only when you are
standing on the foundation
of your values that you are
able to maintain your truth,
no matter what the
Dadi Janki
President of The Janki

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